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    We need plans for a Bensen B-6 gyroplane

    I would be interested as well, I had all the Bensen plans et but lost the drawings. I have others to trade if your interested.
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    Massive hangar sale

    how much for the sky wheels
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    New build, Aviomania G1sB Genesis

    Right now I’m finishing up a 911 build which has drained me. Porsche parts are up there! If I was to buy a single seat gyro that would be the one.
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    Homebuilt Coaxial Helicopter: Ben Dixey, SW UK

    Are you flying this thing yet or what??
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    Crescendo Build

    What blades do you plan on using? A lathe is a must have tool for any garage tinkering couldn’t live without it or my scissor lift ( getting too old for working on the ground). If your looking for milling machine or lathe always go for the lathe first you’ll use it more often than the mill.
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    Homebuilt Coaxial Helicopter: Ben Dixey, SW UK

    Saw some of your videos on YouTube looks like you’ve made a lot of progress. Well done.
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    What should I build???

    They are east of central NY between Syracuse and Albany in a little shithole of a place called little falls, NY. Got a bunch of heavy hitters posted in their company profile that’s probably BS as well. Too bad there’s nothing around CNY for gyro in fact most guys are anti gyro around here. I...
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    helicycle vs mosquito 285

    After all these years and We still don’t have a lightweight,powerful,reliable motor for LSA and 103.
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    The potential of a Franz Schöfmann Helicopter

    Try one of these instead
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    What should I build???

    Thanks for the heads up on luminati, I’ll stay away. Now back to my original question.
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    What should I build???

    I’ve got a bunch of plans I’ve been collecting over the years and I’m trying to decide what to build. What’s the best part 103 design? A modified benson, gyrobee, honeybee, hornet ?? Or should I build a single seat dominator? I would really like to keep it part 103 Though. I have Experience both...
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    New build, Aviomania G1sB Genesis

    Good looking gyro I want one.
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    Wanted Tall tail for Gyrocopter

    I have plans for A tall tail
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    Helicopter Scorpion II Complete Air frame is SOLD

    If I wanna kill myself for $17,000 I’ll spend it on cocaine and hookers.