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    Spreading of Mom & Dad ashes

    Thank you Thank you I would like to thank everyone for taking time out of there busy day to watch the Journey video. Your heart felt commits are very touching to my sole. Mom and Dad always looked at the good in everyone, they would be proud seeing all the good that I am seeing right here...
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    Spreading of Mom & Dad ashes

    I have a video of my system working on the ground that took. I'll post it when I get back in town.
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    Spreading of Mom & Dad ashes

    This year I was able to spread Mom & Dad ashes over the three farms that they owned throughout their life. This video was very satisfing but emotional tough to do. (Please read the discription attached to this video) I had to build a way to distribute the ashes safely from my gyroplane. Thanks...
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    The Vectren Dayton Airshow 2016

    We were blessed enough to be invited back to the Dayton Airshow 2016 again, we had two great days of perfect weather in Dayton. We were able to setup a static display of all type of aircraft for the show. The Blue Angels were schedule to appear but because of the tragic lost of one of their own...
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    AR-1 at Bensen Days

    Very Nice!
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    Happy Birthday Paul W. Plack!

    Happy Birthday Paul....
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    I need some help from the Video experts.

    Vance What setting on your GoPro did you shoot the video? Doug S.
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    Happy Birthday John Roundtree!

    Happy Birthday John.....:)
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    Happy Birthday Russ King!

    Happy Birthday Buddy ....:)
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    Gyrocopter accident Florida

    It's always good to hear good news..... Thanks for the update Rick.
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    Gyrocopter accident Florida

    Thanks for the update Chris. Thoughts and Prayers for a complete healing, in Jesus name amen.....
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    Dean Dolph is in the hospital

    Thoughts and Prayers and our love. Doug & Tami S.
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    Fabulous flying on a Kansas fall evening!

    Fall flying is awesome Chris..... Love the new ride. Doug S.