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  • Hello Doug, Jay Boyce here hope all is well with you, I haven't talked with you in a while. Quick question, when we were flying gyrobees I thought I used Aluminum for the cheek and keel plates, now after 10 or more years I read Ralph said to use Stainless. I know this was in a thread not too long ago. I'm rebuilding a Soma now and might make some new plates, What should I buy for metal

    Brian Jackson
    Brian Jackson
    Hello Jay.

    I know this message was to Doug but I saw it on the home page and thought I'd respond since nobody hadn't yet. I posed the same question quite some time back and was told that in lieu of the 1/8" stainless I could substitute 3/16" 6061-T6, which is what I did with mine. A little late to the party but hope this helps.


    Hello Brian, Thank You for the reply, This helps a lot. Just getting ready to order some aluminum. I was thinking of using double 1/8" plates for extra safety but I think 3/16 will be ok. Another quick question, Where can I send my rotorhead to have a prerotator gear and new bearings installed?

    Thank You Much

    Brian Jackson
    Brian Jackson
    Hello Jay. Sorry I can't be more help on the rotorhead issue, as I have not gotten that far on my build yet. However the thicker plates will be more robust than doubling the thinner ones because, being all one piece, there's no separation between the inner and outer layers.

    Thanks again for the suggestion. I wrote him a message, but I am afraid, amphib is not a frequent forum visitor (last activity: 09/28/2018).

    Do you think you contact him on his cell and let him know about my interest in his Dominator?
    Doug Riley
    I emailed him, asking if he still has it and wants to sell.



    Thanks again for getting me in touch with Neil. We talked and it goes very well.

    I wonder if you can help me with one more problem. This one is about flight training/obtaining rating.
    Right now, it is difficult to find training around Chicago, IL. I will probably need to travel.
    Do you know somebody you'd like to recommend? Are there CFIs who train in a Dominator (which would be the best option in my case)?
    (Of course, it does not have to be in a Dominator)

    Thank you for your time!
    Tracy is a friend and fellow flyer out at the Alvord. don't know if you know this gyro of his.
    Doug Riley
    No, I don't. We dealt by long distance back when my company, AEROTEC, Inc. was a Rotordyne dealer. Tracy was a nice guy to work with.
    your comments on euro tubs are interesting. This marketing medel of "autogyro" Euro tub of trashing home builts is an exact copy of what happened in the UK. take care , there is a possibility that they will try to take over the PRA and there is a danger that they bwill talk direct to the FAA and attenpt to change legislation. by doing so in the UK they have killed the home builts. they produced very negitave media statements in the press stating that a kit built was built by a crank in a shed and most likely to crash on it's first flight. welcome to the new generation of auto gyros etc
    Wish you and your family a very happy new year.

    May the year bring peace,prosperity, health and happiness.

    Best Regards.
    Doug I grew up in Vermont Ill be going to Underhill area to visit relatives on the 4th of june. Are there any gyro contacts you have there where I may be able to see their gyros.??? possibly in the Burlington area??
    Greetings Mr Riley

    Im search for one of your posts pertaining to Asymmetric warfare and role of gyrocopters, mitigating the threat although cheap but difficult to defeat..

    Dont want to bother you but it was interesting to read and want to show the concept
    with a demo flight with armed A/c 582.

    Best Regards
    Hi Doug,
    Thanks for posting the other day. I was realy hopeing there was someone close by who flew gyros. Do you fly duing the colder months?
    Hi Doug,
    Had an engine failure if you haven't already heard, landed in a very rough landfill, wrecked the ship but walked away. The reason for this not, however, is do you know how I can change my name here on the forum? I'd like to get rid of the present one and use my regular name. There doesn't seem to be a place to do so in the user CP. Take care, John Christopher
    Hi Doug ,,,,
    nice to see you and a number of the "old forum" around.
    your imput is always informative to me - - i did enjoy ths yaw-roll windryder thread - -
    Chuck B - Birdy - Mayfield - Burgess - and yourself - - GREAT STUFF _ _
    i am dismayed by the number of pilots that just dont get it - -
    will u be at BD ?_ _
    Kieran Dempsey (New York) - - Happy Paddys Day
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