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    air command exchange

    Hi All, I have a compleate brand new airframe for tha air command made up.. incl, side tanks (2)... a seat tank (1) a tail also a pod along with wheel pans...there is no engine or prop with this it is a new build! aircraft grade alloy used! now what i am looking for... an exchange.... i...
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    Fuel at $3.59 and rising

    petrol prices petrol prices This is a wake up call, here in england we are paying £1.50 per ltr £7.50 per gallon or $12.05 per think you have problems!
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    RAF 2000 for sale at Henstridge

    Raf Raf Hi, RAF Prices UK! You will probbly need a Second Mortgage!........:violin: G. LAA.BRA.PRA............
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    Air comand

    Hi All, Did anyone see the reprt for the air comand form the Glasgow university as to weather this was going to be permitted in the UK..below is a report i last saw on the air comand..what happened with the UK peritt?? As a result of this the British Rotorcraft Association, in support of UK...
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    Help Wanted

    Dingbat Dingbat Hi Robert, Thanks for the contact... this is the guy who sold this dingbat that i have....and it turns out that this aircraft was not registered with the LAA.or the BRA..or the did not have a build number from any of these this cant be flown here...
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    Help Wanted

    dingbat-wombat! dingbat-wombat! Hi brian, Well dont get me started with the CAA..I have been Avoided from the word go..... my mistake was not getting a Registered build to begin with as this boris guy never placed any paperwork into the CAA that includes registering the build.. number!
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    Help Wanted

    dinbat dinbat Hi, Did boris manage to buy the VPM if he did the registration would be handy! G.
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    Can I drain off the ethanol?

    subject subject now we are starting on combushtion!...:D G LAA.PRA.BRA...:plane:
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    Help Wanted

    C Julian C Julian Hi Scandtours I bielieve this is the gyro that boris had his hands on!..correct me if i am wrong..registred then as G-BGYR. G. LAA.PRA.BRA...:plane:
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    Help Wanted

    dingbat dingbat the cottage is a private house i would not give out a full address as i am sure you understand..shirley picked it up right away..because i have emailed shirley and sent pics of chris julian and we spoke about chris and his gyro's..hence the cottage! G...
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    Not SO!

    R44 R44 I went down to Perth this is in the UK.. to fly the (Red Thing).....but the fog was terrible it lasted 2 I walked around the is a couple of pics..thought you guys would like! G. LAA.PRA.BRA....:plane:...and I am still on the ground
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    Help Wanted

    dingbat dingbat Hi shirley, Nice to hear from you again. Thanks for the post!....The registrations I have here.. can you throw any light on any of these machines! G-BSID 1990 cj-001 G-CKEN 0000 cj-002 G-WBAT 1990 cj-001 I have sent letters to this boris...
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    Can I drain off the ethanol?

    petrol petrol Well..we are buying petrol here at 85 oct levels..we have to buy the Octaine booster..we are paying 7 pounds fifty a out around 12 dollars a gallon.. Good Old UK....are we the lucky ones!..Ohh yeh...20%.....VAT...:violin: Even robin hood wore a mask! G...
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    Help Wanted

    Dingbat Dingbat Hi Brian, Thats interesting.. i bought this in ireland..he told me it was used for Ariel Photography..if this is the case..then he must have changed the registration..when i typed the reg into G-IFO there was nothing... when i typed the irish reg there was nothing
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    Reliable Suby???

    suby suby Hi, I have a 75hp scooby! And it is as sweet as a nut!!..mot sure of the box is it a C or E.......:confused: G. Laa.PRA.BRA.............:plane: