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  • Hi Dick , just found this blog. So good to read all about the front range flying .
    Don't know if you remember me I shared the end hanger and built a wind ryder look a like and flew with you several times. Still have old videos of flying with you. You mite remember when my engine quit over Byers and I landed in the middle of town ..just thought I'd say hi
    Hi There, We fly on Sundays if the weather checks out, sometimes during the week if no work is going on. Also wanted to let you know you and your(family/friends) are invited to hang with us at the airshow this mid June at Front Range. The Blue Angels will be there as well other events. Doesn't cost anything because we watch from the hanger area and have a barbecue, should have other rotorheads to mingle with as well. Would be cool to have you guys & have a good time...........Dick
    Hi Dick. Not going to BD for sure this year. My work situation is too uncertain at the moment. Maybe Mentone, if I can afford it. I promised I would come visit you guys... Still planning to. What days are you normally flying?
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