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    UK relevant up to date Gyro book?

    Ok Erik ,if you get your hands on the new book,please keep us imformef of its contents.
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    UK relevant up to date Gyro book?

    Thanks for that thought Erik but, i already have the book.,bought in 2016.
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    UK relevant up to date Gyro book?

    Hi everyone,checked on amazon (not available). Well worth looking out for,maybe available from author,Gyropaedia supremo,mr Harwood
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    I,will miss you too jake,please don,t leave us,we need your expe rtise and experience in all things gyro .
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    Parrots, anyone here own one?

    Hi We had both an an African grey and a typinah,(a smaller version of sa grey nut differen
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    Blade wrapping.

    Sorry Claude ,but my days of differential equations ended about 50 years ago,but I see the point(I think). A hole drilled in the end of a blade creates adrop in pressure which would remove, or help to,get rid of pressure built up in the blade.
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    Blade wrapping.

    Good idea,(the little hole to relieve the pressure).This stuff sticks like the proverbial sh+t to a shovel. I bought some to put some stripes on my motorhome and gots loads left so might just give it a wirl. If I do will let you know the result. Thanks Claude for that idea.
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    Blade wrapping.

    What would be the result of doing this,(vinyl wrapping), successfully. ie ,effect on lift/drag, flare on landing and anything else such as is it a good idea(pros and cons).Thanks again for all your input on this and your continuing input on this forum.
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    Forum Administration, or Lack Thereof...

    THINK! use your head I have probs with the new forum shape but, got around it with a bit of thought.Admin ,do a great job. If anyone thinks they can do a better job I'm sure they will receive a warm welcome from admin. (I'm sure they could do with the rest).
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    Blade wrapping.

    Thanks you guys ,I know you lot would have the answer.I was only really thinking aloud sort of thing.I would not tty it, what if vinyl came off one blade ,bye bye gyro.
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    Blade wrapping.

    I have a set of metal bensen/Brock blades on my kb2.These are the ones with the air gaps between sections.would wrapping with vinyl be possible.I mean the stuff car fans cover their cars with.just a thought I'd like to throw out to all you experts.thank you.
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    I'm not a new member but, I've been very I'll for over a year and half(big C).still read the forum avidly daily but couldn't contribute.I know its not the right place but don't know how this new regime works with all those symbols that I don't understand. I have a set of bensen/Brock blades on...
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    Politics and Personal Attacks

    We all have different views so let us all leave politics at home.Thank you.
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    bensen blades wanted

    I've been in touch with Luciano and he wants £1000 for his new bensen blades in original box.Anyone interested get in touch with luciano via the forum . Good buy for someon.
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    Brock teeterstands

    Barnie hi. They look the same.Mines got corroded at top.( leaky trailer) .what do you want for stands Thank you. David