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  • Hi Vince. I am on the hunt for a new gyro. Your Air Command is one of the gyros I am interested in. As you can probably appreciate, I don't like to play games. Thus, Rather than a bunch of time wasting negotiation, would you just let me know what you are expecting to get for it?
    Hi, Bob,

    Thanks for responding. I'll expect your call. It will be nice to talk to you!
    Hi Vince. I see you know Chris Burgess too. He was my CFI until I went over the wt limit and I've yet to solo. I'm retired now, my 582 Air Command is in the garage and hopefully I'll be flying it befor the summer's over. Let me know when you'll be returning from Portugal and planning to go flying. I'm sure it will be a nice day for bike riding too and worth the trip up there. It would be nice to talk to someone who appreciates rotocraft. Ill call you this week
    Do I really need to be a friend? or is that optional? I never figured out all those "extras" on the forum anyway.!!! No Facebook or twit and tweet either. I am on the airport's computer since mine is in for "overhaul" with the Geek squad. I paid extra for it so they are fixing a few "issues" I had. Was in Kansas flying an unmanned towed 1200# gyro for a company called, can't tell all but I flew it for the first time 17 February. This was "history making" since it has never been done before. It was only 20 seconds but enough to get their second funding and a shot in the arm. I will return some time this month if all goes well. Next flights to 50 feet and 50 mph if stable flight is achieved. Remote control my lad.!!!! I was there three weeks last time and I missed the big snow storm. Lucky me.!!! I'll be a friend if you insist. I will respond to regular email much faster.
    Hi, Bob,

    I'm glad you got in touch as I was beginning to think I was the only active gyro pilot in NJ!!! I have been flying out of Eagle's Nest Airport in West Creek, NJ for the last few years. It is a great place to train. I only flew a few times last year as a windstorm damaged my rotors, but I think we've done a successful repair. I'm going to Portugal in May, so when I get back I'll pull the gyro out of mothballs and drag it out to the airport.

    Who have you been training with and what airport do you fly out of? Does Woodbine let you fly out of there?

    It's funny, I haven't checked this site in a while and was very surprised to see your msg. If you go to and in the search bar type in "gyroplane landing" you will see a short video of my gyro.

    My cell is 732-674-4169. Feel free to call any time. Thanks for getting in touch.

    Hey Vince. I see you have a 582 Air Command and live in NJ. I have one too but don't know of anyone around here (New Jersey) that flys gyros. I came across your name as I was surfing around the forum. Do you fly often?
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