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  • Hi Dennis
    Did you get all you parts sold on e-bay? I will be kicking my self for not bidding on the prerotor, and the seat tank.
    Hello, Dennis, talk with several of the Air Command owners all older models and they would love visit Puerto Rico, we are available for when you enjoy travel, one of them told me that you can call it if you want the speaks very good English, called Luis Ortiz, cel. 787-421-6589.
    Espero que pronto yo tenga el honor de conocerlo en persona, creo que realizo una excelente diseno con todo lo relacionado con la Air Command y me gustaria mucho escuchar sobre como se fue desarrollando su empresa.
    cuando quiera visitar Puerto Rico solo tiene que comunicarse conmigo y yo hare los areglos necesarios para recivirlo con mucho gusto, mi # de cel. 787-627-7815 le aclaro que entiendo perfectamente el ingles pero no hablo muy bien el ingles.
    att. Sammy
    Hello. I just wanted to say the Mini 500 is what prompted me to become so completely interested in flying that to this day I still have the issue of kitplanes that it first debuted in. Interesting to see your name on the list of people currently online as I write this little blurb. I am still in the research stage of what the heck am I gonna buy for the right price before I actually get something to put me up there looking down here. I'd consider it an honor if you would accept my invitation as my first friend on here.
    good-morning Dennis
    do you have mailing instruction for your air command memorabilia to be sent I probably have some Zoomer issues no idea what his fate.. i also have news paper stuff

    Hi Dennis,
    I would like to know if you will be able to help me with a contact at the China CAAC? I would like to get the RAF registered in China.

    Eben Mocke RAF SA
    Hi Dennis,
    Heard you was at AC the other day. I hope you got all the parts you needed to complete your AC side x side?

    I started to think you got banned. You didn't did you ?

    Have a great day, Dennis !
    So Dennis,
    I understand that you took a lot of heat from the mini 500. It's too bad things went the way they did and I commend you for having the balls to be here. I was wondering, given your experience, what do you do with yourself these days? Still flying? Plans for anything new? You have quite a history and I'd be interested in what you have to say. I almost had the money for a mini 500 and planned to purchase one when the **** hit the fan. I own a small business also and know that sometimes things really suck and despite our best intentions, people just don't care. Hope you have a happy holiday. I look forward to hearing from you. John Christopher
    I no longer deal with the Mini-500. It was just an aircraft and I have no emotional ties to it. But, if the one you are describing is selling with aluminum rotors, then that mean the original composite rotors were destroyed. If they tell you it was in a shipping accident, then that would be about the eleventh time I've heard that old story. If they were in an accident, then you will need to rebuild the complete drive system. The aluminum blades will crack in a short time and fail. I would not touch that machine.

    Good luck.

    Dennis Fetters
    Hi Dennis,

    I know you no longer produce/sell the M500 but I am hoping you still
    love your creation enough to give me advice about buying,
    owning, flying one.

    Perhaps you know this one;
    (I can't send an attachment. Send me an Eaddress and I'll send it.)

    ". . . a 1998 Revolution Mini-500 Helicopter in excellent
    condition. . . . in the garage it's entire life! Rotax 582 engine in
    it with 57 Hours. . . . just like a brand new one! I have rotors
    that go along with it in the crate still new from the factory -
    aluminum 8 inch by 9 foot. Check out for
    listings of like birds."

    I am interested to buy it. Plz send me word, or call, if you can
    spare a few minutes to advise me. (Tel. no. below.)

    I am also about to do a 12,000 km (7,400 Mile) Gyro excursion. Of
    course I seek your input on that too.


    When you Pray, Move your Feet...

    lucasflylucas at
    Tel. # cel.; 303 667 4886
    Dennis, you had a thread on here a while back concerning ring gears and a source for them other than Tom Miltom. Would you be kind enough to let me know the web address?
    My name is Curtis Spears, "Animal" told me to contact you. He said you might still have a twin tach for sale. Please let me know if you have one or know where to get one, I'm trying to rebuild an old Scorpion 2. Thanks for your time. [email protected]
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