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  • Dennis - I would like to build a copy of Ed Alderfer's TRAG/Gyrochopper III tractor design from the mid-80s. Apparently Ed is burned out and no longer offers help to folks like me, but I read that you had some involvement with the project. Can you offer any guidance on this? Thanks. Jerry
    Thank you, Dennis. It was a pleasant surprise to see a note from you sitting in my inbox. And yes, I hope to pick your brain about a couple of things as my build progresses if you would be so kind. Looking forward to talking with you in the near future. Have a wonderful week.

    Brian Jackson
    Hello Dennis.

    You don't know me but I have admired your work for a great many years. I have much more time as an engineer than I do flying, but just wanted to take a moment to say it sure is nice to see your name on the forum. I hope we have the chance to meet.

    Brian Jackson
    Mr. Fetters
    Thanks for your reply to my PM. I have built cars, trucks, boats and airplanes, now I want a Mini 500. If you know of one for sale or hear of one please let me know.


    Tommy Blakley
    Mr. Fetters, a fixed wing pilot and A&P, have read all the hoopla about the Mini 500. I am looking for one to purchase, have any ideas where I might find one?
    Happy birthday, Dennis!

    Questions on the Mini 500.
    Looking at the characteristics of the sensor rotor speed.
    Where can I find it?

    Thank you

    [email protected]
    Konstantin Fadeev
    thanks for the detailed answer, I hadn't heard those mast designs before so ...very interesting!

    Wish you and your family a very happy new year.

    May the year bring peace,prosperity, health and happiness.

    Best Regards.
    Hi Dennis, I have always wanted to Thank you for everything you have done for the aviation community. Innovators always walk around with a target on their back and you certainly have taken plenty of shots. There will always be the Monday morning quarterbacks but they rarely get out of their lazyboys. You always forge ahead and I respect you and your work. I would work for you anytime, anywhere.

    I love the Air Command. My instructor said I was doing excellent for riding the mains and thinks I am ready to fly. He said when I feel comfortable he will endorse me. I'm going to the airport on Sunday and ride the mains some more. Maybe after that get the endorsement.. I LOVE YOUR INVENTION. You be safe BROTHER!
    I`am chinese . Can you help me . I want design my rotary plane. But I don`t have detailed drawing. Do you have it .
    Thank you ~!
    Email:[email protected]
    Tel : +86 15959364542
    Hello Dennis

    Thank You for your reply, always feels great to have you as a friend.

    Im in contact with Col Mujeeb Rehman adviser to Qatari Air force.
    He was from Paki Air Force and our Group Captain.

    Not very sure about there seriousness but have had a couple of meetings
    and there seems to have a plan to acquire UAVs.

    Ill keep you posted is something comes up.

    Appreciate your cooperation.
    With very best wishes.
    You are aware how things work out.
    Dennis, I saw your mini 500 on youtube and have been researching everything about it for a week now.That is how I ended up here .The thing is fantastic. I have read about all the greif many people have caused you concerning this. There are always many short minded people in private and in government who spend their time ridiculing others rather than building accomplishments of their own. Keep doing what you do and never let these people slow you from doing what you do so well.I consider the Hughes 500 my favorite and not being able to afford one have always dreamed of building an affordable version as you did.Like I said,I always dreamed of it unlike you who actually did it and in a big way.I can`t express the excitement I felt watching the video of your creation.It saddens me to just now find out about it as I live such a short distance from where you made this history and if I had only known earlier,I could have watched this unfold. Again congratulations .
    Hi Dennis,
    My Name is Dr Robert Taylor and i live in the UK, I have two of your Air Commander 582 Commander Elite (G-BREM) AND (G-BRKX) ,Thank you so much for the Designing these Brilliant Gyros, and your are 100% correct in your defence of the Gyros i have also checked the CAA/LAA Information on the Accidents in the UK (Pilot Error and Lack of training on Type !) And because of a few idots all Air Commander's are Grounded in the UK! ( So we now fly them in France.)
    Dennis if i ever meet you i would be Honnored to shake you Hand. Thanks
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