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  • Hi Dave. I was reading your post when you were making your Yamaha mount. Do you still have the cad files. Or could I get more pictures. I'm trying to build a dominator with a yg4. I'm concerned about vibration. Any experience you could share would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.
    Hello Dave,
    Which re-drive are you using? Do you have instructions on the changes nessary to connect the computer?
    HI, Tony.

    I am using a Rotax “C” box for the redrive. What engine are you using? There is some important differences between the 3 and 4 cyl Yamaha. I am using the 3 cyl 130 hp FI Yamaha manufactured in 2010.

    I did switch from the Li Ion battery to a deep cycle std battery and have a two stage solenoid soft start.
    All tested this morning with good results.
    BUT, Now to the next issue discovered on the tarmac, Radio interference from the engine, directly related to the engine RPM.
    And not being an electrical guy, I really don't know where to start tracing down the issue or how to go about eliminating variables.
    Brad H
    N954BH Northern California
    Hi, Brad

    Radio RFI problems can be a real pain. First make sure that any connection in the power system, magnetos,wires, connections to the plug in coil, fuel injectors are tight. Grounds can be a problem also. The primary ground should be the battery and then the engine. Make sure you have a really clean ground to the engine. Don't use the frame of the gyro as a ground!

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