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  • Hi Mr. Schwochert, it was suggested that I pass an inquiry to you. I'm negotiating a kit purchase and I'll go inspect it before payment. Can you offer any suggestions or insight on the subject? A contents inspection will of course be required as well as condition. Aside from the obvious rust, corrosion, etc., is there anything Helicycle specific I should be looking for?Eg, I have 0 experience with turbine engines. The kit is several years old and has remained in the crates. Group 5.

    Can you direct me to an inventory list so I can confirm all parts are included?

    What sizer trailer will I need to transport the crates? It's about 600 miles so hopefully a 2 day trip.

    Can you provide the "options/upgrades" offered by Eagle? I'll surely want some of them and I'd like to know what I'll be spending. The doors for example, the improved control system, etc. Thanks, Aaron
    Ron Tessier
    Doug, pass on you address and how you want it shipped, and I'll get the shipping cost.
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