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    hi !
    i'm new in this sport
    and want to build 1 seat gyrocopter (1st for cheep after that one will see)

    so can u send me bluprints and part list for kb-2/3 ?
    big thanks :D
    I would like to know what it would cost for a piece of aluminum thick enough to be a HS that would be 1ftx3ft. The stab I have on my Bensen including paint is.110 inches thick and I want to add another stab on the top of my Ken Brock Rudder inline with the prop.
    The last I heard he said he'd have the stuff at Bensen Days. I was ready to send him the money for the prop but he never replied back to me. I'm going anyway. I hope I bring back a prop with me. Send Ron your money and have him take the blades back to his home and you can get them from him. A lot shorter trip than FL. I'd trust Ron's judgement to inspect the blades.
    I actually got my motor from ebaymotorguy on ebay, might be the same guy. Definitely gonna post on the forum, as soon as i send this. You've been a great help and i really appreciate everything. Thanks, Tim
    Thanks a lot for the plans! I have been cutting aluminum all night. I had the stuff just laying here begging me to find some plans. Have you got anymore information on the KB2 that I would find useful? Or even some parts laying around? Also, I'm using an older Rotax 503 w/o provisions for a gearbox. I can't find a belt drive system anywhere. I really hate to go get a custom job done at a machine shop, it will definitely be costly. Any suggestions? Thanks!
    Hi, Dirtydog said to ask you about some plans for a KB2. I me the only guy in my area with a gyro and he is going to help me with my build. He has a KB2. I saw his, took some measurements, and ran out and bought my aluminum. Of course, now i cant find the plans. I would really appreciate any help. Thanks, Tim
    Yes. A Sport Copter Vortex. It's an unfinished project. I didn't have a chance to work on it over the holidays but hoping to get back on it asap. I'll have something to show at Bensen Days. Hope to be flying this summer. The only snag will be I may have to relocate this year to keep my job.
    Yeah Dan!

    The problem is I'm not sure which direction I'm going to go with it yet.
    Hopefully some time looking at other's machines up close , at ROC, will help me decide.



    I need some help in finding some Pictures of McCullough 90 PROP. I have a co, named CloudCars.com who will build me an experimental flex Prop for the 90 hp. The measurement for the Prop is # 52" x 26 p. I need a measurement of the whith of the TIP of the prop and a measurement 6 1/2" from the tip inward towards center= I need a whith measurement there. Could U put the word out and help me get those measurements? Thank, all and keep the nose up.
    Just curious what class on explosives are you teaching and who are you teaching it to?
    Ben S (ex US Navy EOD)
    I asked you to be a friend here because I believe you and I both traine dwith Chris Burgess during 2006. Is this correct?
    Hi Dan,
    I was looking at your post where you bought the Chinese helmet off ebay. I have a couple of friends who worked in China for a while and they said that the helmets they got there "said" that they were DOT approved.
    Do you like your helmet?

    I am not sure where you are in MD, but I am working in Silver Spring for a few weeks and training with Chris B in Frederick. Always wanting to meet another gyronaut.


    Hi Dan we have not had a chance yet to do the hang. We have moved the gyro out of the garage and after B days and the inspection moved it to Zephyrhills where we have found a hanger about an hour away.

    I made some cheek plate blanks and was going to do the hang but Stu had to do an interview and been away. Was advised the metal was too thin so ordering more. If we can't get it done in good time will copy plates and send yours back. Sorry for the delay
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