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    Xenon Owners Unite!

    Xenon Owners Unite Xenon Owners Unite Thank you Angelo for your answer Last question If a new magni 24, the enclosed one, will flights in the great way like 16/22 and you can do again the choice you will prefer the xenon yet? Thank you again fenneck
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    PRA 99s ?

    PRA 99s PRA 99s Bud. Every time I asked a question about the airport or PRA I got raked over the charcoal.
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    Millennium Helicopters

    Millennium Helicopters At 18:00 on the first November McAlpine Helicopters were transferred to Eurocopter and became Eurocopter UK. Eurocopter UK do not intend to make any changes ... just yet...
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    Happy Birthday Glenn

    Happy Birthday Glenn HAPPY BIRTHDAY Have a good day. How is the gryo coming? Scott
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    November 2009 Meeting

    November 2009 Meeting Glad to read you had a great time at the meeting. How was the weather there? Im working this weekend so I was unable to attend for this month. Wayne
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    2 states meet

    2 states meet Does anyone plan on attending the car show and swap meet November 21-23?
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    The Ultimate RAF seat cushion

    The Ultimate RAF seat cushion Well that really was cheap as chips Im fairly new to the entire RAF scene so i wouldnt really know where to look for things like Shirts.
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    PRA dues & the magazine and your thoughts on them

    PRA dues the magazine and your thoughts on them PRA dues the magazine and your thoughts on them I apologise, but, in my opinion, you commit an error. Write to me in PM, we will discuss.
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    Next Meeting at Sport Copter

    Next Meeting at Sport Copter Im going to let this poll run through the first week of January, and then nail down the date for the next meeting. Right now it looks like January 27th is the date. Keep voting, maybe that date will change.........???
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    582 rotary valve leak

    582 rotary valve leak Seals went on mine a rotary pump on a 3b. The top seal and a bunch of O rings were replaced without removing pump cost approx 100. That was about a year ago. I am in WGTN. Pete