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  • oh I know its copy of the md 500 but what a cool little machine and the fact it flies,, not many can build or design something that will fly . it may look good but will it fly is the question and the fact that you succeeded is awesome feat in its self ...I really would love to get into the industry and learn more .. im allways looking to learn. I wish you would remake them I know you wont and don't want deal with public ,but man what a awesome lill machine , the only thing I don't like is the two stroke . and that being said I have had way too many two stroke seize up with dirt bikes . but still the fact that you put it in the air is awesome I know you had already done the air commander and learned from it, but what a accomplishment .and your unmanned I been looking at those to and the work it takes to have a computer control it and the amount of inputs to fly straight and level ..really impressive . im glad ive had oppertuinity to talk to you
    Thank you, glad you liked it, but the looks I got from the MD500, of which the Mini-500 is a replica. It was a very educational project that I was able to gain a great deal of experience from, and one I would never try to do again in that scale of an operation.
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