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  • Hello Mr. Grosshans, wanted to thank you for friending me. Thanks for reaching out to those of us who don't have much experience or knowledge, but I can assure you I have the interest, but not the funds. Yet, anyway. One day soon, I am going to get to a local flyinn andstart meeting people. Thanks again.
    I was busy today cutting hedges and cleaning one of my yards, when I heard a small helicopter flying nearby. Being a fan, I had to see which one it was, as I couldn't tell by the sound. Usually I can tell what kind it is just by the sound. Music to my ears and a pitter patter in my heart when I realized it had a turbine engine. It was a beautiful blue helicycle, yes in my home town of Sulphur, Louisiana. If anybody knows who is the proud owner of a blue helicycle that lives around southwest Louisiana, please, please, please tell me who they are, I just have to go meet them
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