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  • Sure John, It'll be a while though, just follow the thread !

    I don't know what happened to Lee, but I heard that he has stopped flying.

    Try Larry Boyer !
    Hi Chris,
    I live near West Chester/Chadds Ford. Any chance I could get a short ride with you once you finish your SxS upgrade? There was a fellow near me with a magni that flies out of new garden, named Lee Blazejewski. I misplaced his number quite a while back though.
    Did you get the Reuben ? I was ther about 2 weeks ago & ordered the turkey melt. She gave me a tuna melt . I ate it anyway but I really wanted the pretzel with the turkey.

    I am only getting $500 for that engine. I am done with it & it served me well. If I had a trike or something , I would still be using it !
    Hey Chris,
    I would have called if I had your number along with me. It was a last minute decision to jump off the highway and hit the Kutztown Tavern for a pretzel rueben.

    What were you asking / offered for ther 447? I want to be fair with mine.
    Hey Dan, Thanks alot & you are quite welcome.
    How's it going & whan do you think you'll be back ?
    If you duplicate that pump stick, there might be a market for them.
    Hey let me know where you post those pics my wife would like to see. Also thank you so much for a great day out at your place you are by far one of the nicest folks I have met in a while. World needs more folks like you Chris.

    Hey chris you can consider them sold the blades and the motor. Me and my son will becomming up in the morning. Chris Burgess my CFI likes the KB Blades more than the DW go figure also Don is excited about talking to you.

    Hey Chris looking forward to seeing you Saturday I will be getting your blades Chris Burgess loves them so that is great, also do you have or know were I can get a air command seat tank 5 or 8 gal.

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