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  • Hi Chris my father and I are looking into buying and getting trained on a gryo I was told to get into contact with you. I live in limerick, hopefully we can get in tuch [email protected]
    Hello Chris, are you still selling that 447? If so, please tell me more, how many hours does it have? Thanks, Gil.
    For testing, I used 2 60lb cement bags, hardened & wrapped in plastic. I strapped them in the passenger seat.

    I guess I could have gotten 2 90lb bags.

    That was for performance testing. I flew it solo also with no ballast & it just needed a little side stick. Or trim.

    Let me know how it goes !
    Hi Chris,

    I am training a man in a side x side AC with a Soob. He weighs about 210 pounds. What was your ballast and weights you put on your gyro to fly it solo? What positions did you put the ballast? Thanks Greg Bradley
    I used a 90 lb bag of cement in the right seat. That pretty much leveled her out on takeoff. How does it fly 2 up ?
    Hi Chris,

    Greg Bradley here in Missouri. I am working with a student, Tim Sinclair just outside of St. Paul, MN. He has a Soob 2.2 powered side by side AC. I am getting close to soloing him. Due to the two seats, he has to sit on the left side for solo. With your set up, with his weight around 190, how much ballast should I add and where to put it. I will of course fly it myself before letting him solo. FYI, I owned a AC 532 side by side years ago and used to fly it without ballast so I know the difference.


    Greg Bradley
    CFI-gyroplane, fixed-wing
    looking forward to comming up on Saturday if that is good for you. If you have any projects you need help with then all the better. Nothing better than working on and talking about gyros. Its like man heaven
    Dan, I won't be going . Better go to my Mom's place. The earlier the better. Do you have the cell # yet ?
    Hey Chris are you going to the chile fly in on the 9th this week end. I f not I will come there if so I will meet you at the fly in. What do you want to do. I can bring your parts there and pick up the engine there or your place and work on gyro either is great for me.

    Just wanted to thank you again for trusting me with your parts sure helped out alot. Will try to come down Saturday unless your flying and if you are flying would still like to come and see you fly.

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