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  • On your CLS447, I have a AC447 and would like to know if you recommend different props and if so what size/pitch. I have been using an ultraprop 4 blade with 12 degree pitch and also a tennessee wood 2 blade 60x34r. Just trying to squeeze every ounce of hp on my 447 engine.
    Hi Chris!
    Please don't take offense as I have limited funds, I could give you $100.00 for it plush shipping.


    For which part ?
    Originally posted by CLS447 View Post
    Where in the world is Sittard ? I have various parts !
    Sittard is in the Netherlands ( Europe) Check google earth. I could use the mast, the keel, the composite rotor blades and tubing. Guess some detailed pictures could help :) I'm gone fore 1 1/2 week. After that we can do business!?
    send me an email address.
    Joe , as soon as I posted my email, Stan Foster sent me an email. I wrote him back 3 times & every one of them bounced back !

    It was frustrating.....Sorry Stan....miss you bud !
    Chris...Type in [email protected]
    For some unknown reason for over 10 years my replies get the letter "L" mixed up with the number "1"
    You have to go to your inbox and sent mail. They have limits. I think you have not erased enough, because I still cant pm you. I have some information I am not sharing publicly, for you.
    delete some of your messages i want to pm you but your box is full
    Joe, I took a quick look & don't know where to delete my PM ?

    FOUND IT ! Thanks for getting me to do that !
    Chris I'm doing fine still working with the Army right now I'm in Fort Leonard Wood Mo. Like you I am pushing to get back in the air. I hope we can like up at a fly-in soon.
    Hey Brent.....I was beginning to worry there ! I guess this is where I should respond ?

    My single seat AC with new 503 never has me grounded ! She flies like a dream !
    The 2 place is going to be sharing the rides next year.

    I'm afraid that my trailering my machines around the country days are pretty much over for now. I don't know how I ever had the time & money to do what I used to do !

    What fly ins might you be doin ?

    Your project sounds about a progress report ? (with pictures).

    One of my twin nephews lost half his arm in Syria.....he has a prosthetic arm or 2 & is doing alright.....I hope !
    Here is a link to my build log. I did post on Facebook but the build log I started here seemed to do fine without me.
    I don't come to the forum mush these days and when I do I peek in the window (don't sign in). I don't feel like I have anything important to contribute so I keep my "Fingers" quiet.
    It's good to here from you and know that somebody remembers me, Thanks for sending the PM. I'll sign in more often and see if anyone else does. I still have the gyro but have not tried to sell it anymore on the site due to some negative comments that I feel basically shot down any chance I had of selling it on the forum. HAve a Great Week Buddy, George (AKA DR. Gyro)

    I was looking for your thread about your new tail wheel but can't find it. Can you help?

    Hi Chris what do you think of the Bee for sale by dabkb2 for $2,000 if it can be boxed and shipped do you think i should buy it. It needs a prop and some work but it will be in parts that i can take pitures of as i build it and get it registered. Thanks Tom Jones
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    Hi Stephanie ! My name is Chris . Don't be shy , let's talk !

    Please tell me some more about yourself . Thanks
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