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    Accident Kingsland Texas - Sport Copter Vortex - N924WG - 9-9-21

    How many of you fly at night? Isn't it roughly the same problem? You never know where you will come down if the engine quits. It's just a matter of how long it takes for help to get there. When I fly a plane at night, I generally like to stay high enough that I have a chance to make it to an...
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    Accident Kingsland Texas - Sport Copter Vortex - N924WG - 9-9-21

    Flying over water in a gyroplane is most likely more dangerous than most airplanes. My gyro has a Rotax 914. If the electrical system has a problem, the gyro flys until the battery runs out. It needs the electric fuel pump. That said, Vance's should run without an electrical system. The...
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    Accident Kingsland Texas - Sport Copter Vortex - N924WG - 9-9-21

    Fortunately, hypothermia is not an issue this time of year in Texas. As for the terrain, it tends to be populated with housing. I'm guessing the gyro took off at 2KL, and then had an engine failure over the water? Not a lot of great choices for a landing. Of course, I could be wrong on the...
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    Encounter Over LAX - while crossing over LAX I was passed by a much faster aircraft...

    For me, I'd much rather be in Class B. I've generally found the controllers to be very pro-active in providing separation and calling out traffic. The only complaint I've ever had is poor routing. --It's one thing in a fast plane, but in a gyro with a head wind, out of the way routing can be...
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    Magni XM26

    I'd love one. I wonder what the price tag is?
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    Chinese Made Rotax knockoffs are being sold in Europe

    All I have to say is the Chinese can't possibly make floats that are worse quality than Rotax. And if they did, they would charge $15 for a pair, instead o $175. --Rotax in general makes a good product, but their customer service is some what lacking. --Ok, admit your floats have a problem...
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    Request for one of our Wizards help to explain a High-voltage shock on a 12 volt system.

    Below is the schematic for the Whelen strobe. I have not studied the schematic, but I believe it probably works by building a magnetic field in the transformer, then the timer pulses the input on the primary side. This causes a high voltage pulse on the secondary winding on the transformer...
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    Flying Car Progress

    A flying car solves the last mile problem. That said, I'd be afraid of door dings.
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    Glider Tow

    After watching, I just have visions of being towed down a highway and passing a cop. And then wondering what kind of charges there would be? Of course from a practical stand point, power lines, which cross most roads fairly often, would be a problem, as well as road signs and other hazards.
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    New FAA Policy on Training In Experimental Aircraft.

    For the reasons you listed, I do not instruct for compensation in my own gyro. For me the big one is county tax. If I don't use it commercialy, I don't pay tax on it. And yes, I have given friends free instruction. And yes, I do think the FAA has it wrong by considering that compensation.
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    New FAA Policy on Training In Experimental Aircraft.

    Ok, non-profit does not mean free. Imagine a part time instructor who flys 100 hours a year. $3K for hangar. $6K for insurance. --Your up to $90 per hour without fuel or depreciation..... Then add $20 of expense to drive to the airport and back. The part time instructor is loosing money...
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    Can I fly a gyro in EU with FAA license?

    I believe there is some dependence on the registration of the aircraft. For example if you can find a N-numbered gyroplane (good luck) in Europe, a private or better certificate should be adequate. If it is a EU registered aricraft, you will need to check with the country.
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    Anyone flying in Portugal

    Anyone flying in Portugal? Where can one go to fly or take training?
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    Fusioncopter Nano Ultralight Gyroplane USA Distributor

    Working as an engineer for 20+ years, I have not found this to be true. For example, imagine something as simple as a composite propeller for a gyroplane. Should it have a metal leading edge or not? The answer is largely opinion and not mathematical. --Hopefully, there is some engineering...