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  • Chris,
    Greg Tillery here. Met you last year at Mentone. I see in the forum you used McCutchen Sky Wheels on a RAF. I have a RAF 2000 that still has the old style blades and hub bar. I've flown and liked the Sky Wheels on other gyrocopters and want to use them on my RAF. Would you advise me on what all is needed to use them. Also would you have a number for me to contact Jim about his blades.
    Thank you for your time,
    [email protected]
    Chris Burgess
    Chris Burgess
    I had to change my towers because the 30 foot SkyWheels have a little more cone then my old 29 foot RAF's. Jim McCutchen made the towers for me. I think they are about 1" taller. I love SkyWheels. I can fly on less power than I used with the 29 foot RAF's, 200 rpm less..!!! About 20 years ago I tested the "durability" of SkyWheels when I lost a prop in-flight on a Parsons tandem. The prop went into the rotor and the SkyWhells hit it twice. Could not even tell it hit the rotor but the prop had both ends nicely chopped off by the SkyWheels. That sold me. They are "plug and fly" on set up and no other rotor is that easy to assembly. Not at home for the next week or two and I am moving. I have Jims number somewhere in all my "packed" stuff. If I find it I'll send it later. It might be on this " tablet " but hard for me to find, computer challenged. dịch vụ thành lập công ty trọn gói tư vấn luật dịch vụ kế toán giá rẻ trung tâm kế toán ẹ cha, thì dù có hư hỏng cũng có thể sửa chữa; một người không biết hiếu thuận thì dù nói gì đi nữa cũng chỉ là kẻ giả tạo mà thôi.
    Cổ nhân nói trong trăm điều thiện, chữ hiếu đứng đầu!
    Những lời này đương nhiên là có đạo lý của nó.
    Hiện giờ, Tào Bằng chỉ cần ngồi yên chờ xem sự lựa chọn của Từ Thứ mà thôi.
    Đừng coi những lời lẽ đanh thép Tào Bằng nói với Bàng Thống trong từ đường là thật, chẳng qua là hắn ra vẻ như thế mà thôi. Trong lòng hắn, đương nhiên mong Từ Thứ đến trợ giúp một tay. Nếu có Từ Thứ giúp đỡ, tất nhiên Tào Bằng sẽ như hổ thêm cánh. Còn Gia Cát Lượng, Tào Bằng dù có muốn
    HI Chris, Just wanted to thank you for the .9hr of flight training I got from you at Mentone. Just got 6 more from Ghuck R. Will solo soon THANKS

    Jim Ostrander
    Dave, just saw your post. Man am I behind this "friends" stuff. At 255# I can't be of any help. My max is 230# and then this is only for a one time flight, no training. 200# is what I tell everyone to train. My front seat goes out of CG if I also load 30# of fuel up there. So it's 200# plus 30# fuel in the front seat, absolute limit.
    I am coufused!!!?? Just found your message today. Correct link is one "l" not two. Nice to sit out the storm in Florida. Kansas stayed nearly snow free. I got back on the 27th, very long story about building a prototype in 5 days to flight. Can't say much more. I bought an old Bensen glider once owned by George Silvers. Have been going over it all week. May use it in Kansas but for now it's a nice toy. Don't get mad if I don't notice a message because I don't check that part as a routine. Getting crazy with summer like weather. The bees are a buzzin'.
    HI Chris,

    I have no idea about this "friend" stuff either. Actually a message came up for me saying that you wanted to be MY friend! So that's why I clicked "accept" or whatever. Anyway, it sounds very exciting, that Helliplane stuff. Good luck with that. I"ve been gainfully unemployed for almost a year now. I'm in the Florida Keys for a few months helping a friend remodel his house so I just missed all that snow stuff too!. I came down here ONE DAY before the first storm hit!!! Lucky me. Oh, by the way, that link to came up as nonexistant. I DID find a, but that seemed to be a helicopter flight school. Send me the correct link if you have it, as I'd like to check it out. Good luck with the next flights and keep me posted if you have the time.
    Hello, Chris. How are you? I am a 255 lb FW pilot in Baltimore and looking to get some gyro training. Do you still have access to the Twinstarr? How is instruction going out there in Frederick?

    Hi Chris.
    I'm new to Giros. I have a grasp of fixed wing wing construction in wood. On fixed wing wooden aircraft the wing torsional stiffness is normally achieved with a plywood 'D' (torsion)box as far chordwise as the max thickness of the aerofoil. Aft of that its light as possible 'open' construction covered with fabric. As this method seems to have worked for Cierva, A) is it still at all relevant ? B)is the only reason wooden rotors are solid cored now due to a desire for mass production?

    If you have answers to any of these queries I'd be gratefull indeed.

    Dave (new here)
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