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  • Yes Sir I'll be as careful as one can be :) Lots of work and time went into that baby so I am going to try not to ball her up! :)
    Good luck at Bensen days Bro. I'll bet you rea a shoe in for first place. Nice work.
    Play it safe though, I want you ALIVE when I finally make it to the east coast. So I can shake your hand.
    Gabor did you start a composites thread or did the coversation go anywhere from Scott's fiberglass rods? I'm very interested in learning more about composites. I pretty much exhausted everything I could google on the web.

    Hey Gab
    John with Millennium here. Hey just wondering if you would design a logo for T shirts I want to get made. Email me at [email protected] or give me a call 501-350-1627.

    Thanks John
    feliz navidad y prospero año nuevo.

    merry christmas and a happy new year, may love and happiness sorround your home, I wish this year your aconomics duplictaes so you can take your wife on another vacation to PR.

    Love from the Petersons
    Well thank you Jürgen for the nice words! :) I guess deep deep inside, under this impenetrable protective shell there is an "old school gentleman" that comes out for certain people. You are one of them :) I am glad I managed to bring smile on her face, and partially got you out of the doghouse. :)

    thanks for your nice letter to my wife, supporting my odd past time.
    My wife especially liked your "Küss die Hand". That was so reminiscent
    of the "K und K Donaumonarchie", a theme that probably every German
    woman loves due to the films about the Austrian empress Elisabeth
    with the late Romy Schneider as "Sissi". At least my wife notices that
    the gyro nuts are not just a bunch of philistine, greasy fingerd, wrench
    swinging tech lovers but have quite some style...;-)


    Thank you Gabor, its much appreciated but if i were to drive all night, even if i took some catnaps along the way I would not be in good enough shape to fly. Have fun, I will make it next year. When you get back we decide how to get you the wheel.
    New to the gyro world. Need leads on where to find insurance. What percentage of gyro pilots carry insurance? Thanks
    Dear Sir
    I need an engine for my own build light Gyro copter. Could you please let me know about the required engine specification along with price. Consider the total load about 1000kg and speed 80km/hr to 90km/hr.
    It is my earnest request to all senior members pls help me.

    RAN Corporation
    Email: [email protected]
    Hi Gabor. I will be flying into Sanford with a friend on the 19th April. I was wondering if you could give me and my friend a couple of hours of instruction each, sometime during Bensen Days? Could you please tell Stan that I have kerosene - a whole gallon of it! I will be bringing it frome Manchester, uk! Will he have helicopter to pour it into??? Looking forward to meeting you both. Regards, Luciano and John.
    Hi Gabor,

    Thanks again for your offer. The address to ship it is
    Joe Pires
    650 S. North Lake Blvd. Ste. 530
    Altamonte Springs, FL 32701

    You can ship it
    standard over night
    bill recipient
    recipients account number 1569-9039-6

    Thanks again.
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