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    ch7 turbo

    Great job there Bones, she looks a real treat & pretty good value at that price I reckon however I'm a bit like you in thinking a Vans RV 7 with a 180 hp engine.
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    A low speed upset of Cavalon 425AG at KSMX.

    Its very good of you to post a report of this accident so all can learn...even at someone else's mistake. Having never flown a Cavalon [ unfortunately] I cant comment.
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    Transporting blades on back of a pickup

    I really wouldnt recommend leaving the blades on the machine while travelling no matter how well supported they are. Takes 5 minutes to take them off & 10 minutes to store them safely. Hub bars need to be looked after.
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    Transporting blades on back of a pickup

    Having carted my gyro around in the back of a Nissan Patrol traytop for many years I can tell you its quite safe for the gyro & blades, even in a landcruiser. A blade box is good & you can use carpet or a reasonably strong plastic [bubble wrap ] for underneath, & anywhere rubbing might occur...
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    gyro vs r22 for mustering

    I suppose your fences in the creeks are gone ? I love the rain but despite many years of living here am finding the heat more challenging than usual and I see its possibly going to get real hot this coming week. BTW, sorry to hijack the thread .
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    gyro vs r22 for mustering

    Humidity here has been awful, talking with a mate who had friends down from DARWIN went home cause the humidity here was worse than Darwin. Hard to believe ! Just havent had that rain :(
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    gyro vs r22 for mustering

    E gets around Rick.
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    gyro vs r22 for mustering

    You flooded out Birdy ? Been some really good rains up your way & been wondering how you were faring .
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    Rotorway helicopter confined landings advanced flying

    " confined " for A Rotorway Birdy . Dont reckon he learnt the same way as you did .
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    Happy Birthday Mark Bredden!

    Happy birthday young fella ! I will have a rum or two for your big day !
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    Rotax C box EATS A BEARING after just 120hrs on YG4

    Yeah, thats what I thought too. :)
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    Rotax C box EATS A BEARING after just 120hrs on YG4

    Having a C box on the back of my 2.2 suby for some 4/ 5 thousand hours I know this much. You need a heavy flywheel to dampen the harmonics or whatever kills things. Even with the flywheel, I had the main bearing changed around the 400 hour mark, no longer. Never had a failure .
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    Happy Birthday Graeme Monro!

    Graeme's wife died a while back and he's now changed his life somewhat based on his lovely wife desires . He is around & pops up occasionally. A very happy birthday Graeme ! Lives in a beautiful part of Australia
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    'Bob' Hoover dies at 94

    I saw Mr Hoover fly at the Avalon airshow probably back in 92 approx. It was one of the best demonstrations of utilizing energy with both engines shut down in a Piper Aerostar. I couldnt believe just how far & for the length of time he flew with no engine power and doing aerobatics every time he...
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    Hand spinning a Cavalon

    I would have enjoyed watching that ! mmm patience makes perfect .