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  • That's fantastic Jim! I took the gyro out Sunday for testing out the new prerotator motor. It seems pretty good, I know it's alot better built than the last hydraulic motor and it seems to be spinning them up better. I don't have the bike tach hooked up so I don't have any numbers yet. Since the gyro was all warmed up from the prerotor testing and it was quiet at the airport, I took it out for some touch and goes.

    I've been thinking about putting an enclosure on myself.

    I've also been making parts for a new gyro too.

    Are you planning on getting a Sport pilot rating or do you have a ppsel now? My number is 734-927-9779 if you want to give me a call. I'm on midnights now so the best times are late afternoons and anytime at night.
    Jim just saw your message on my visitors page.

    That's great news!!! So where are you at in your training now?
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