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  • Hi Mark,

    My name is David Strausberger and my ph# is 9515704079. I would like to discuss the RAF 2000 with you at your convenience.

    Thank you
    Greetings, My name is Roberto. I bought a Rotax 582 from Joe Grahek on 2013, but I did not install it, until recently, where I finished the restoration of my aircraft. He sold me a rebuilt "0 hours" engine, but after doing the break in, we uncovered some issues. One of them that he did not use gaskets, rather RTV. and the crankshaft runout was >> than the 0.0005" that the described. In a nut shell the engine is ruined. I have not contacted him yet. However the question is: I read that you had problems with him, what kind of problems did you encounter? did you have to go through some sort of a process before contacting him?

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