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    Cluster plates thickness

    Jake I am looking for help re ignition module for raf stand alone ignition Dave said you wired up his engine. Need wiring diagram / pin outs. Could you contact me No way here to leave you a pm.
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    I Want to Sell my Gyros

    Chris, I am sorry to read about your stressful situation. Having taken care of an elder parent for 10 years up until last year I know what you are going through. That being said, do not be so quick to give up your dreams. You are always welcome to hanger them at my place here in NC. I know its...
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    Carolina Barnstormers 2018 Spring Fly In

    Perhaps the best Spring Wing Ding yet ! Thank you Barry !! check out some of the fun on our fb page.
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    Auto Gyro down in South Carolina

    The wind and weather out here on the coast has been wicked with gusts and such after the passing of the storm. Sad to see this. He trained with Chris Lord, a very fine instructor.
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    Subaru 2.2 has limited rpm

    Could have been water in a spark plug hole, that boiled off, or a wonky TPS sensor (throttle position sensor) or mass airflow sensor, or a bad cam or crank sensor. possibly wiring issue, voltage drop or ignition coil /module failing. There are so many things that could happen to cause your...
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    Subaru 2.2 has limited rpm

    what year vehicle is the donor ecm from ?
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    SparrowHawk1 Insrrument POD Expansion

    it is a gyro not a stealth bomber. KISS principle. The pod in my opinion is too obstructive and I plan on not installing in in my build. The actual EFIS display is so small you could put it in an iphone case. The rest of the gauges you could build along the lower windscreen on a shelf. my 2 cents.
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    Sparrowhawk 1/2/3 build

    Looks great guys but I have flown several Sparrowhawks and one thing that I will NOT be putting in my build is that large view obstructing pod. NO NO and heck NO. I am going to be building a low profile gauge surround that does not get in the way of the front windscreen. If I wanted to fly a...
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    Zephyrhills, FL to Wadesboro, NC delivery

    Barry, Just spoke to you yesterday !! Why the secret ? Who got the new ship ?
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    Boom! The FSDOs are gone?

    So I am guessing there will be a short list of DAR's to help register and inspect new builds & experimental s ? wow Tom never thought I would hear that (FSDO's are going away)!
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    Subaru 2.5 Exhaust

    Supertraps were a bad choice by GBA. they frequently blew out damaging the prop and other parts as the discs rusted free from their hardware . The fasteners and related threads were not meant to be heated on full throttle applications like gyros Supertraps have to be tuned for the flow of the...
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    Prop thrust gain per inch?

    Wide chord props end up causing drag when power is pulled in flight. Several accidents / mishaps have been blamed on wide props. Airboat is NOT a gyro.
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    PRA Convention 2017 in Mentone Indiana

    Is there a Mentone thread ? Or Oshkosh thread ?
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    What is up with my '99' Subaru ?

    Wow, 3 hour drive... that is harsh.... but better than sitting in front of the TV ! If you keep the rear 02's it will trip cat efficiency (failure) codes...if It were my build, I would use ecm from pre 96 and skip the whole could stop a running possibility but then I think you have to use a mass...
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    What is up with my '99' Subaru ?

    Wow, Chris, its been how long since ROC, when you had the SxS with the EA 81 a whirling... ? I never come here, see they really screwed up the forum..... but know Mentone and Oshkosh are going and was looking to see what was up, came across your post... For starters I always drill 3~4 1/8"...