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  • I sent your friend an email regarding the Purple Polish but no reply. Maybe you could contact him as he may think it is just another snake oil!
    Charles, si me puedes ayudar de vez en cuando con lo que quiero decir cuando escribo te lo voy agradecer mucho. conoces mi dificultad en el ingles, gracias y bendiciones.
    Hi, Chuck. A friend told me that the TwinStarr is a good machine. How is your appreciation of it? Are they still been sold? Used ones? What about the horizontal stab? I am from Panama. Do you speak spanish?
    is a solid work horse. I modified the instr. pod and I have a lot of gadgets. with a 180hp engine I have all the power I need , the RAF blades sucks. The big ruders are too demanding. This is good but in strong cros wind I have too much area in my tails. The powder paint from the factory sucks Also the way they mount the v tails in hard landings or working on grass are not good. I designed a "flying wire" to hold the tails.

    bottom line solid frame, proven aircraft engine and excess of power Is a great machine.

    I was wondering if you could tell me how you like your twinstarr, I know you cant buy them any more but I am interested in building one. You comments on how they fly and any bad habits they have would be most welcome.

    Regards Barry Winslade
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