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    Stolen gyro and trailer !!

    Hey Don, how did you get a colorized picture of your future M2? I would like to see what it would look like in a color called Bikini which is a color that Jeep uses.
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    Regulations Regarding Flights Over Charted National Park Service Areas

    after reading everything on this thread.....I am so glad i do not and will NEVER live in California or New York. North Carolina is the state for me and please if you are thinking about moving here, please leave your liberal crap back wherever you were or stay there.
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    Gyro Parts For Sale In Barre, Ma.

    Does the Rotax 503 come with carbs, gearbox and exhaust?
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    Throttle Quadrant for Rotax 503

    the brakes are the standard drum brake that Ernie put on the Dominators
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    Throttle Quadrant for Rotax 503

    ok, as promised here are some pictures of my new Baxter Throttle Quadrant (888-573-2580) and my new Gyro Technics Hydraulic Prerotator. If you order direct from Baxter you can get options versus if you order from Aircraft Spruce. I ordered what they call their large quadrant which gives a...
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    M26 Victor

    I don't care if it weighs more than a fat girl, that is one sexy gyro, Thanks Magni!!!!
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    Throttle Quadrant for Rotax 503

    I am using these throttle quadrants on my Dominator and I Love it, I have a dual quadrant with one lever being long with a t handle (THROTTLE) and the other lever short with a red ball handle that engages my new GYRO TECHNICS hydraulic prerotator which works so much better than the original...
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    All of the above!!!!
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    Build thread on the GT-VX2 Explorer.

    Congrats to you and Denis, can't wait to see some video of it flying.
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    Build thread on the GT-VX2 Explorer.

    Who is your DAR??
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    Build thread on the GT-VX2 Explorer.

    Yes, a bear does....can't wait to see you fly Blue, still working to win the lottery so I can have Denis build me a Red...
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    Sparrowhawk For Sale

    What is the registered MTOW? You did a beautiful job.
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    Newbie checking in

    See my response to Spinner, you guys are welcome any time.
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    Newbie checking in

    Hi Spinner, I fly a Dominator single out of Grantham NC, 6NC0. I have my A&P right here in my hangar, he has helped me maintain my gyro for the past 9 years. Call me, I am at the field every weekend, 919-632-9743.