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    Farmer Jim SOLOED today!!!!!

    Big congrats to you. Blue skies and fair winds
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    Farmer Jim SOLOED today!!!!!

    Congrats, welcome to the club
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    magazine article

    Hardest part Hardest part of being a dealer is educating the public about the new generation gyro. I had no input on this article, and was a little nervous before it was published as I had no idea what this reporter was going to say. Could not be happier, got a lot of phone calls from...
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    flight training lesson plan

    thanks thanks For the input, I do teach emergency landings on takeoff but do not have it on the outline. Also, neglected to put the soft - short field takeoffs on it. Need to add it. However, I do not do wheel balancing when using a two place machine. My students get that practice during...
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    magazine article

    Could not be more pleased with the article that was done by a local reporter. Just wished the pic would have had my compartment closed. LOL
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    flight training lesson plan

    John that is an excellent suggestion, however, if you look at lesson 6 it is covered. That is the purpose of doing approaches. Until they can keep it on the centerline, and have the yaw under control, they will not land. I shoot approaches about 5' off the runway. Thanks for the input, I...
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    flight training lesson plan

    For those interested in obtaining a sport-pilot gyro license, either from scratch or as an add-on I am posting our lesson plan below. We offer training in a MTO sport, also offer sales and service. Located in Louisiana, just north of Baton Rouge. We are fully insured. Our ground school is...
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    Congratulations Kurt Mohr new Sport Pilot

    Congrats Congrats Kurt, welcome to our world. Blue skies!
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    Never too old

    David Walsh, a British citizen who has been living in Thailand for the last 40 years came to AutoGyro of Louisiana to get his gyro sport pilot endorsement. Passed his proficiency ride last Saturday. David who is 75 years young proves that you are never too old to learn to fly the new...
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    Chasing Dave Seace

    Great Video, thanks for sharing.
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    Warning .....

    Good post Chris
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    First XC flight - Texas to California

    Really enjoyed the post. Great job, enjoy your new gyro
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    Some Crow-Hops from this past weekend.

    I agree with everything Vance says, will add the following: I learned on a grass runway and had to touch down on the "ruts" the width of the rear tires. It was good practice to control drift , I agree that you should focus on the centerline. I teach on a wide asphalt runway and insist my...
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    Several people have asked about a solo sign off.

    Good post Vance, already had a similar experience