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  • Hello, and thanks for the message. While the original builder and you both sound like solid fellows, we don't know its history after you, and I certainly don't trust the current seller and his broker Fritts (having previously dealt with them when buying my RAF2000).

    While the right RAF with the right CFI can be a satisfactory portal to gyros, I'd settle for nothing less than that. At least you installed the Boyer HS, so you were abreast of the main issue. I hope you do get into rotorcraft. It's a real hoot!

    Regards, Kolibri
    I would like more info on your gyro. Please call me anytime 8 am to midnight PST (702) 416-6590. I am ready to purchase immediately if it has what I need. Thanks, Robert
    I am interested in your raf Please contact me 618-367-4571 Bob Ireland I am a serious buyer and have been flying single seat for several years and want to upgrade
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