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  • Chuck,

    Has anyone ever welded a Bensen together instead of using bolts, can it be done?

    Thanks, Gary
    Hello mr. Beaty,
    i have a question about building a KB3 from stainless steel tubes like the chassis from the european MT03 from Auto-Gyro.com.
    Do you think, using same diameter of tubes is it strong enough? The prob in europe is to find 6061 T6 aluminum or similar and if you find, its very expansive.
    best regards
    Hermann G. from Italy

    recently I found the answer to the question in your post #2 in this thread:
    http://www.rotaryforum.com/forum/showthread.php?t=32370. I have added it at the end.

    Note that I have also added links to the two Russian books which were translated in the "Technical Papers, Books, and Publications" section, so that anyone can have a look for himself.
    The Russian books are in DJVU format but WinDJVU is a freeware viewer which is available on the web.


    Hi Chuck

    I have some rotor blade question I would like to ask you but not here on the forum. Can you send me your email address

    Thanks John H
    Millennium helicopters
    Hello again.
    I found this online calculator:
    This appears to be the correct one to me.
    So for a 120" lever Using 200 lbs at the end. I would just place the landing gear at 40" in order to get 600 lbs testing force.
    Does this seem correct?

    I am testing my main gear with 600 lbs force released at a height of 24". My design wt is somewhere around 400 lbs. I weigh about 160 dressed. I figured that dropping it at 2 feet several times would be a reasonable test in case I prang it in.
    Do you agree?
    Thanks for your input Chuck,
    Hello Chuck.
    I was hoping that you could help me calculate the forces on a landing gear test rig.
    My setup would look like:
    1. 10 to 12 foot lever made of 2x2 square tubing with its pivot on one end to a fixed point. ie: 3 feet high on a garage wall.

    2. My landing gear that will be tested will be fixed some where near the middle.

    3. About 1 foot near the other end I plan on have two 55 gallon drums of water to act as the testing force.

    4. The very end of the lever, near the testing force, I will have a small, flat plate welded so as to allow me to set a 3X3 or 4X4 post that it tall enough so as to elevate the landing gear to about 2 feet above the garage floor.

    5. I plan on then filling the water drums to varying amounts and then knock the support post out. The rig will then slam down and test how the gear performs.

    I was hoping to find out from you what the calculation would look like.

    Thanks in advance for your help.
    Hi, Chuck, I have read a lot about your 3 bladed heli & gyro. There is one part I would like to understand better if possible:

    How is the pitch case attched to the hub? since the flapping is don by flexible metal sheeting wont there be some kind of damper between the hub and the pitch case?
    chuck, I want to thank you for all of your expert knowledge on gyro's. I trust your opinion.
    I also have a question, that if I'm right, would hurt someone. That is why I did not post this question in a public place.
    If your machine is not a CLT like a RAF2000. Would this be a nice test to test it.
    Go almost full throttle chop it down to idle and one second later, ram the throttle again to the firewall. The non CLT machine would rock back and forth possibly causes a bunt over. Am I correct in this idea?
    Thanks for posting the link about the NZ Dominator II crash. After viewing the U tube video, I don't need to see anything else.
    i hope you don;t mind if i ask your opinion.i wan't to build a jt-5 copy with aluminium frame
    do you think 2x2 tubing is sufficient for mast, or rather2x2"x1" crosswise?
    Hi,Why the waterline of the tail gearbox in bell 206 is higher than waterline of freewheeling output shaft?(about 10 inch)
    thanks a lot
    Chuck, in brainstorming future tech articles for the electronic version of Rotorcraft, Doug Riley suggested we consider reprising your 1971 article titled, "Flap flap Flap." It appears to have been published in the Nov/Dec issue of something called "Pop Flying." I'm unfamiliar with the publication.

    Can you tell me more? If we were to revisit the contant, is there anything you'd update? If you'll let me know via e-mail, so I have your address, we can communicate less clumsily. Mine is" [email protected]

    Dear Chuck,

    Im an aeronautical engineer and i have experience working with fixed wing aircraft designs, gyroplanes and rotorcrafts however have been my keen interest. I am designing an gyroplane. To start with, Im not great at rotorcraft dynamics and gyroplane theory is even more elusive to find. Please suggest me some books and programs that will help me through this design process.
    I recently downloaded the spreadsheet programs that you made available through the australian rotorcraft association, I dont really understand much of the formulas you have used and the numerical values in there.. Please enlighten me..

    Hi Chuck
    The boys from GT Gyroplanes would like to contact you for a discussion on multiblade rotorsystems. Could you please email me your contact details and preferd contact time/ date.
    [email protected]
    Cheers Sam La Bruna (SamL)
    Thx Chuck, for DW info. I recently got interested in two Hughes 269 12' blades I had hanging on the wall at Middletown. I am having overwhelming success with them, if u are a wee bit interested in my experiment with them. I will share it with you. I remember at Dunnellon when u had your 1700 cc VW and come in, flared, then hit the power and the Hughes rotor climbed right out. email [email protected]
    Chuck -

    I'm an old time gyro pilot from the 60's and still advising / test flying gyros for locals around Las Vegas. I don't post publicly much but will contact and work with gyro people privately. Don't need the forum problems! I'm both commercial fixed and helicopter rated and and A&P with prototyping experience with Bill Lear and Soloy's operation in WA.

    Thanks for your tireless help on the forum. Where do you come up with some of the video clips you've posted?

    If I may have you're email I'd love to trade posts.

    Thanks again - Kevin Morris PRA # 1433
    Good Day, Chuck!
    My name is Konstantin Marishin. I'm from Russia, Moscow. I am 49 years old. Build a Dominator.
    I have a few ideas and I want to first show them to you, before discussing them publicly on the forum. Your opinion is very important to me. Please give your E-mail.

    Konstantin (marcons) [email protected]
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