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  • Hi Chuck,

    I am new to the forum but I have been lurking for many years. I enjoy reading and learning from all your technical contributions.

    I am interested in building a Flettner (Kaman) style intermeshing rotor gyrocopter.

    I found a thread where there was a mention that you had discussed that type of gyrocopter but searching has found nothing.

    Can you direct me to where you discuss intermeshing rotors on a gyrocopter?

    One more question - What is a typical range of motion needed at the rotorhead for roll? Obviously with two side by side intermeshing rotors, on a tilting teetering head, too much roll will allow them to collide.

    Thank you for your help I really appreciate your contribution. I hope to cannibalize a couple Hobbyking gyrocopter RC models and build a Flettner style gyrocopter.

    hắn từ trên xuống dưới một hồi, gã mở miệng nói:

    - Ngươi là người của môn phái nào?

    Vương Lâm thản nhiên, lạnh lùng nói:
    trung tâm kế toán tại bình dương học kế toán tại đồng nai chung cư 360 giải phóng Trung tâm kế toán tại từ liêm trung tâm kế toán tại quận 3

    - Thi Âm Tông.

    Gã thanh niên mặc hoa phục ngẩn ra, cười nói:

    - Thi Âm Tông? Nghe đồn đệ tử Thi Âm Tông đều mang theo bên mình một cỗ quan tài. Quan tài của ngươi đâu?
    Dear Chuck,
    As I am treasurer of Sunstate, I just got a note from a Gary Lester, trying to track you down.
    He says you go way back.
    His address is 425 Trudeau Drive Metairie, LA 70003-6549
    Telephone 504-671-9374
    Hello, ive read all your posts about smokey castner. Did you know him very well. I was asking because he was my great grandpa and i'd like to know what he was like.
    Regarding your post, please help me correct my data regarding RAF fatalities in the USA. Have I factually ascribed Dofin's students in my list?

    Are there any other major gyro CFIs with more than one student fatality?

    It was a long time I saw you. Hope everything is good in your life.Somehow it is a mental winter for me. And I am trying to patch all weak spots in my gyro. When I fly and let stick "sami free" it will go forward and not stop even if I give full throttle.I have almost no room to move "J" bolt closer to the pivot on the torque tube. So,I ,probably , have to extend the chick plates a little bit forward. But how much forward. Plus extending the chicks will weakened that joint . Thow I probably to use more thick chick plates. Any advice?
    Regards and respect to you.
    Hi Chuck. I just finished reading once again an article written by you on "Gyroplane Stability" and have a question. Have you written a book on gyroplanes? I try to read everything you write, but I am still a newbie with gyroplanes. If you don't have a book on the subject, is there a place where you have all your articles? thanks, albert
    Dear Chuck. What is the best way to communicate with you? I am a Gyroplane enthusiast in Cape Town, South Africa. I am an instructor and serve on the SA Gyro Pilots Association as head of training. I have long held the belief that pusher Gyro's without horizontal stabilizers are potential deathtraps in the wrong hands. This past weekend another RAF2000 'fell out of the sky' for no apparent reason. I bow to your superior knowledge on the subject and humbly request some references to support my view, if indeed I am even correct? I look forward to hearing from you. Len Klopper. [email protected]
    Chuck, were you a pilot prior to your intro into gyros? Why and when did you first become interested in gyros? I would appreciate hearing more about you and your early gyro escapades.


    Randy Olson
    hi Chuck, was told by T Milton that you tell me where i can find a hub bar or plans for the 269 blades. Hope to hear back from you. Enjoy the New Year Tim
    Hi Chuck,
    What is your present thinking on the "shakes" issue some Helicycles have experienced? Thanks for your answer. I will not discuss it anywhere. I would just like to hear your theory.
    Hello drom south africa
    I wander if i can be so bold to ask your opinion about a mast for a small light weight open single seater gyro
    I have 6061t6 tubing from local microlight company
    Its 2.5" round with 0.105" wall thickness
    Can you help with suggestions if this will be sufficient or do i need to insert for instance nylon bushings with another smaller round tube inside? Won't this then be to stiff
    I will be building a jt-5 type without fairings
    Cape town
    I noticed that you mentioned in one of your posts how you built your own metal Bensen blades. I was looking around for information about how rotor blades are constructed, and I'm having a hard time finding anything. I'm very interested in how the blades are made.

    How did you do it?

    Any help or information you can give me I would greatly appreciate. I find that your posts are some of the best sources for helpful information about gyrocopters.

    Michael M.
    Chuck- Mrs Birdy Here. Can you pls send us an email- Birdy wants to email you. we are indiana at reachnet.com.au
    Chuck, I'm going to investigate, as best I can, the crash in Michigan. We worked together on a previous crash, also in Michigan some years ago. If you'd like to help, could you private message or email me your phone number and email address so I can talk directly with you, send pictures of whatever you or I think is relevant. etc. Thanks, John Anderson
    I have a bearing that I got from Robert Reece's estate, the Rotor Dyne originator.
    It's a 5506 and the new number is 5206,,,,I understand that this old New Departure is now replaced with the 5206.......What's your thoughts on me using this 5506 for my rotor head brg? Ron Iaconis

    Haven't seen you in a few years. I hope I see you at Wauchula this week end. I have been to several of the Bensen Days Fly-ins, but I always seem to miss you. I don't know if Ernie has told you, I am building a Dominator. Just starting. I don't expect to build this one in a hurry as I still have my Cessna and I fly regularly so there is no hurry to get the Dominator flying. I just want something to keep me busy and away from the computer. I now have access to CAD and technology that I did not have when I was a kid in the 70's. I expect that my Dominator will really put my old VW powered Bensen to shame. I want to thank you for all the help you proivded me with in the 70's. I would never have had a gyrocopter if not for you.

    Best Regards,
    Phil Alvarez
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