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  • Dear friend: I have recovered an old disk from my PC and -with nostalgia- I returned to my beloved forum; to see if you're still on the warpath.
    I am pleased to know that you are still alive and contributing your knowledge.
    I turned 70, I'm single and healthy.
    Hi Chuck can you send me a private message with your contact info?
    Thanks Chris Buchanan
    Mr. Beaty, My name is Chris Buchanan, can you contact me via private message or directly at [email protected] regarding the restoration of the round tube machine Dave spoke to you about? Thank You.
    Mr. Beaty,
    If you would be kind enough to send both manuals I will get them in digital format and share. Please feel free to insure them as well as proof of delivery. I will be happy to reimburse you when I send them back.

    Alicia and Ben Lane
    211 Maple st.
    Salem, Ky. 42078
    Thanks very much Chuck you sir are a legend. My address, Jim Wolfe 73 Willyung RD Albany WA 6330 Australia.
    Chuck, I'm trying to get in touch with you privately. How can I?
    Greg Vos
    Greg Vos
    Me too ? No private message facility on forum can anyone give me a contact email.

    I know it's been a while since the post on thrust with vs without tail, but I have been slovenly putting my tail together.. I did think of another test besides thrust with and without a tail. What if I took a 4x4 foot piece of plywood and cut it into 2 pieces of 1'x4' and 2 pieces of 2'x2' and made two "tails" both the same area, but one being a half height tail 2'x2' and the other a "tall" tail 1'x4' with a mid mounted stab 1'x4'. I think the 1'x4' tall tail would straighten more air and give more thrust but dunno how much difference there would be. Do you think it would be worth the plywood to try that or should I wait to see how much difference there was between no tail/tail first? I'm just now spraying the finish coats on the tube and fabric tail I was building... never seems to go as fast as I'd like.
    G'day Chuck,
    I've been off the air for about 9 years due to an illness and missed being involved, although I still catch up with the forums whenever I can. You have the enviable quality of being able to explain something complicated in easily understood terms - a rare quality amongst cluey people. We have a discussion going on the Australian Forum (still ASRA.org.au) under the heading "Nose wheel strut failures" and would appreciate your input.
    I hope this short message finds you well,
    Regards Tim McClure
    Hello! I came across some vids on YouTube today {04 July 2017} involving you and at least one three-blade rigid[?] rotor gyroplane. I thought that was VERY interesting. I have been thinking about joining this forum for some time, and those vids "pushed me over the edge".

    I was wondering what became of your "research" on that type of rotor head?

    Have a GREAT 4th!!!

    - Allan, a.k.a. RocKiteman

    PS I have lived in NC since 1995, but I am originally from St. Pete.
    I was told you would be the guy to ask about prop size and gear reduction. I've been trying to work out the best combo for my EA82. Right now I have a 2.58 gear ratio with a 68" IVO three blade prop. IVO says I should add three more blades making it a 6 blade. AirTrikes, the maker of the PSRU is wanting to sell me a 4 blade Kool prop as they don't sell shorter gears sets for my box.They both claim this will give me the thrust I need.
    I would like your knowledgeable unbiased opinion before proceeding.

    Bobby Munroe
    Hello Chuck,

    I was wondering if you have an opinion on how difficult it would be to build an aircraft similar to Ed Alderfer's TRAG tractor gyro. I had contacted him years ago asking for info, but he seemed reluctant to give out enough. Perhaps the circumstances of the ship's demise is an emotional issue; I don't know him. But I like tractor gyros, I don't have $20,000 for a Dominator or similar, and I just like the design. It seems fairly straightforward, but simple appearances can mask some sophisticated solutions. Your input would be appreciated. Merry Christmas! Jerry
    Hi Chuck,
    Ron Iaconis here, I am lengthening a hub bar by 12 inches from 36" to 48".
    Right now the blades are tached @ 330 RPM's, and the collective to is @ 1&3/4 degrees.
    I am " Guessing" that if I set the new collective @ 1&1/4 degrees, possibly the blades will spin @ 330 RPM's.
    I am having a machine shop " Mill" the collective and will not be using adjusting blocks, and will be bending the Coning angle of 3 degrees, can you suggest if I am going to be " Close" in my attempt?
    Thank you Chuck,
    Ron Iaconis
    chuck, Do you have any scientific info on H stabs? I have an RAF driver that says H stabs are for stupid people. I'd like to show him some proof, but not sure how to go about it. I just know when I flew both, I thought the H stab was more stable.
    Hi Chuck. We're trying to figure out the most plausible sequence of events in the crash of Kevin Eaton's Butterfly Ultralight in Nevada last month. If you can send me a current e-mail address, I'd like to get your thoughts on whether precession stall could have been a factor. My e-mail is: [email protected] Thanks! - Paul
    Sir maybe you can help us single seaters in the UK. small single seat fixed wing have been deregulated, we want the same for gyros SSDR
    we must convince the CAA to allow innovatation, they fear that we will build unstable machines that will fall on to the public. we must show that with modern designed gyros they don't tumble from the sky. We must produce accident stats from other deregulated countries, almost impossible, so we have to go down the design route, Since CLT was compulsary in podded gyros there have been no PPOs in the UK, have you any doccument that shows that a HTL or CLT gyro can not PPO unless there is structual or control failure they will glide & land shorter than fixed wing ? anything technical & simple will help. has any member of the public been injured by a gyro in the USA ? we must bring our 1950s designed gyros up to modern day spec ,tall tails, H/S in the slipstream CLT/HTL like the dominator. sparrow hawk & high command can you help in any way please
    Hello Chuck. I would like to get your advise on some experiments i am doing regarding rotor blades and Gyro fast flying.... can you email or PM me please?
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