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  • Hi Terry on your Dominator, are you comfortable with welding ? And have you made firm decision on the
    power plant? gyro's generally are built around the engine choice, with weldments makes it difficult to change your mind
    once you start the build. I can get laser cut parts based on the 500 series Rotax. and caster front gear.
    Hello All
    At the risk of being old news to most... I have a question.
    What has happened to HoneyBee G2?

    I have for a couple of months tried, without success, to get ahold of anyone at HoneyBee.
    Has the company closed it's doors due to the accident this year?
    Is the G2 tandem a gyro that I should stay away from?

    Any and all info you might have out there would be greatly appreciated! Thank You!
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