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    down wind landing

    Hallo Malin, I suppose, you mentioned a tailwind landing ? Btw, watch your hands, keep relaxed you'r doing good :) Have a nice day Guenter
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    the risk we take every day.

    Wow man, what a good video and fun on board. Have a nice day Guenter
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    Genesis--In the Beginning--Chapter 1

    Hi Stan, congratulation to be the first in the US. I hope, you will provide us with more postings, pictures and briefings. (put it also on a CD please) I tell you, I'am so jealous. Have fun and success, keep going as well. Guenter
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    Genesis--In the Beginning--Chapter 1

    Hi Stan, :typing: If I could be of a help. Will assist in building for bed and breakfast. However one thing to be mentioned, I'am living in Germany :-( I'am sure you will be doing well Guenter
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    Brian's Genesis G1sa Build

    Hi Brian, I'am waiting so excited that someone drops a note indicating a Genesis or parts of are received. Maybe Nic should alter the declaration into aircraft picture insted of aircraft plans Looking forward awaiting your posting Guenter
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    Hi chef, you are wasting time while watching the Rotorwing forum ;-) Günter

    Hi chef, you are wasting time while watching the Rotorwing forum ;-) Günter
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    1300 feet per minute climb

    Wow, another proof of Genesis capabilties and extraordinary flying skill of Nic. Giorgos, what about some close up shots of the Gyro to see some details ? Have a nice day Guenter
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    when a 767 flight goes wrong

    Hi there, I hope you all had a good christmas. In addition, most companies rule when to dump fuel and return beside pilots decision. Furthermore, ATC handles a/c as distress traffic without emergency call by aviators if deemend necessary. Have a nice day Guenter
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    Aviomania's Agrinio Antics

    ... what a ride, really breathtaking. But it should be mentioned "for experts only" This gyro and the flying skill of Nicolas deserves attention. Have a nice day Guenter
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    My Engine

    Hi Allen, nice to know. What stuff do you use for this kind of application ? Have a nice day Guenter
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    Greetings from germany!

    Howdy Peter, You are absolute und definite not alone ;-) See ya Guenter
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    Considering Calidus

    Hi there, a friend of mine has one and had it just back from regular service. Position of exhaust has been changed to avoid heat issues and improve noise reduction. He is quite happy so far. Have a nice day Guenter
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    Greetings from Germany

    Hi Robert, I just extended my fixed wing licences to gyro and I'am looking also for a project to complete. Check this site: and talk to Aviomania. May be you will find what you are looking for. However, as you probably know, here in Germany you are supposed...
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    Hi Dan, I have seen your building stages on the hornet site and I will follow to see your progress. So far, many thanks for all of your suggestions and hope to see your gyro airborne soon. Kind regards Guenter
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    Hi Leigh and Gabor, thank you very much to You also. I'am a forum reader since I joined almost each day and appreciate the friendly postings. I just converted from fixed wing to gyro and enjoy each gyro flight more and more. Best regards Guenter