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  • Hello! Been a while.
    Hoiw much are like new dragon wing rotors worth 27'?
    You got a rudder laying around or a short prerotor? Harry
    I need your e-mail address,,,,
    Ron Iaconis..
    I would like to try to get the helmet/head set and cables you have,,,
    I looked on the web sites but am having trouble figuring out what ,and how to get it,,,
    Bruce,,,,Thanks,,,I see the wheels but am waiting to see if I can locate a set for less price,,,,,,
    Morning Bruce,
    This is Kelly from Okla. I bought your bensen blades from you. The build looks great so far and waiting to for more posts on it. I have a little work to do on the KB2 steering and it will be ready to go down the runway, maybe on Mon.
    Sory dont have that engine mounth , all i had where mac engine mounts,and they whent to Ontario last week end . Line , Jean
    bruce, i see you made it back home! i am in kentucky visiting my youngest son, will be here for the week. rose and i had a great time at mentone,,,,very glad we went, got some good vibes and all,,,,i feel much better looking from the outside in rather from the inside looking out
    Hi Bruce,,,,,How's the weather vup there????????
    How's the Mighty Mac Gyro?????? Take Care,,,,Ron Iaconis
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