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    Bad take off!

    Who let him out of the rocking chair ? That is where he belonged !
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    Loris House stairway

    Just beautiful Stan, Just beautiful
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    Forgot it was a warp drive 68" prop.
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    Happy Birthday Edna Breese!

    A very happy birthday Edna !
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    Here we go again !!

    Picture #3 looks as if you have a step stoopl for me to mount the beast !!
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    Happy Birthday Vance

    Happy birthday Vance, Many more good ones
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    Happy Birthday Bud O'Neal!

    Thanks guys, I have had a long and full life, Thanks to all of you and your friendship over the past years
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    Happy Birthday Bud O'Neal!

    Thanks all. I will do my best !!
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    I am somewhat shocked and sad

    What does all this about "euro" copters have to do with Tommys question ? He asked why no one was following Normans progress , or am I missing something ?
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    Here we go again !!

    You be the man Jake !!
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    Bensen Days

    It is always a "coin toss" as how many of anything will be there .
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    Bensen Days 2015 April 15-18

    There is now a "dump" station at the wauchula airport ! No need to pay the $30.00 "Dump" charged last year by the potty pumper
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    Bensen Days registration is now open to the public.

    I do believe that it is Rick, IF I understood Jason right .
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    Bensen Days 2015 April 15-18

    That make's me want to have another machine !!!
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    "As Wauchula Turns"

    ???????? JR what the HEdouble hockey sticks are you on about ?:wacko: