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    What is the regulation as to following wildlife on your gyro

    And here in sunny south florida the ranchers will shoot your butt !
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    Sunstate Calendars 2016

    And had major heart surgery,triple by pass, and quit smoking [thank god for that] and he will still do more than a lot of us with this kind of happingings in his life ! also his split pea soup did not taste good !:sorry:
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    Another PRA member/chapter benefit!!!!

    Is this a loaner or a keeper for the club ?
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    Jake is a tough old fart ! He will beat this , as he has beat all the other odds in his life . Take care my friend !
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    The good thing of all this is he will quit the smoking now Thanks for that !
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    A Low Flight To Crow Island

    Seat belt is no good whatever in a crash bolted to theback of the seat . It will hold the body in the seat in case of a accident I suppose !
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    Dean Dolph is in the hospital

    My prayers and hope is for you Dean.I hope for a Speedy recovery
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    Bad take off!

    Who let him out of the rocking chair ? That is where he belonged !
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    I think that you may have been flying the gyro, Right ? Do I win prize ?
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    Discusting Private Message

    I feel left out I did not get anything I feel like a red headed step child ! They must know that I am way to old !
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    Loris House stairway

    Just beautiful Stan, Just beautiful
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    Bensen Day's, The Movie

    Yes this is 2014
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    Dug up some oldies

    Thank you Heron, brings back some good memories !
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    Forgot it was a warp drive 68" prop.
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    More power, more thrust, more of everything. I had a "sub four" redrive on mine and WOW at the difference !