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    I plan on Building a Gyro from scratch/plans.. And after looking around a bit more.. The cost isn't that bad.. I have no issue with the airframe I can do it no problem.. I can spread the other cost over time so that is no longer an issue..
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    T Hello and thank you.. I have planed on doing just that.. I don't live to far from there. About 1 hour and a 1/2. I use to go to Rockingham all the time for Nascar..
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    OHHH I am going to stick around.. And as far as trying to make rotors and head.. Um I'm good but not that good.. I know I can build the air frame no problem.. I will Pinch my pennies and buy the rotor and head.. Everything else I can do..
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    Hey ALL .. Yes I am new.. I saw a gyro flying the other day. Then found this site. Then fell in love with the machine.. Then fell out of LOVE with the $5,000 for the rotor and head
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    Parsons 2 place plans

    Thank You for posting the plans..
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    Tandem Gyro plans?

    Does anyone have a set or know where I can download plans for a Tandem Gyro.. I have a few other single place.... I have all 3 revisions of Hornet, the Gryobee and honeybee, Bensen B-8 19/20.. And a few Helicopter plans.. Here is most of what I have.. The Hornet rev 14 is 6 files and Benson...
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    plans wanted

    I know this an old post.. But if your still looking I found some..