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  • Mr Brian, you still tinkering with heli's? I took a couple of years break, have dusted my project off during the holidays, ready to get going again.

    Cheers, Francois
    Hi bryan, was just wondering if you got your mini 500 completly figured out ,i have been following all your posts ,I am on my second mini 500 project now and have many upgrades from mh-1 and you Thanks
    Hi Brian, Would you happen to know the angles of movement fore/aft and laterally of the Mini 500 joystick?
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    I'll measure today and let you know. My parking spot is not totally level so all I can give you is total travel degrees.
    Hi Brian, sounds good. Thanks a million!
    I recorded the results and would have sworn I posted them for you but I just saw I never did it. Sorry. Here's what I found.
    Stick travel full left to full right 35 degrees. Fore and aft was 42 degrees.
    No pilot would move the cyclic to full travel in
    flight unless they were in a panic but just KNOWING that mechanically, you could exceed critical AOA by
    accidentally flopping the cyclic is a little scary.
    Hi, Bryan. You and Stan Foster appear to be the most knowledgeable about small helicopters on the Forum. I'm licensed in Robinsons but have long held a desire to own my own little OH-6 (I'm retired Army). It seems that many or all of the MH-1 modifications of the Mini500 result in a good reciprocating engine version, but are they also needed for a turbine powered one? Put another way, which of the MH-1 modifications have you implemented and what modifications to a Mini 500 would you recommend for making a turbine version? Please reply directly to [email protected]. (The handle comes from my work on serial number 2 of Molt Taylor's Mini-IMP airplane). Thanks. Brent
    Hi Bryan

    I liked the idea of you using the moreflex coupling and am thinking of replacing the flex plate in my CH7Bt with one. Can you please give me an idea of the price you paid and where it came from as I can't get one in OZ. Would probably only need the centre section and I think the 502 would be the one as my current flex plate holes are 8 cm apart.
    Thanks in anticipation of your advice.

    bao lâu, Thiên Táng Quan rốt cục phát ra tiếng nổ, hoàn toàn quen thuộc khí tức của Phương Hàn, không hề kháng cự, lơ lửng không ngừng chính giữa Kỷ Nguyên Thần Trận.
    - Coi như là bước đầu trở thành một bộ phận của Kỷ Nguyên Thần Trận. Nhưng muốn hoàn toàn luyện hóa không biết năm nào tháng nào. Chỉ sợ chờ ta vượt qua Thiên Quân trở thành Tiên Vcông ty luật theme thành lập công ty số điện thoại tư vấn luật tư vấn luật nhac san cuc manhương mới có thể hoàn thành.
    Ngay lập tức Phương Hàn đứng lên, nhắm mắt nội thị.
    Chỉ thấy Thiên Táng Quan cuồn cuộn không ngừng cung cấp lực lượng cho Kỷ Nguyên Thần Trận, củng cố tu vi. Hắn chỉ hơi vận chuyển pháp lực, quan tài liền xuất hiện trong
    Bryan, i am a fixed wing pilot and A&P, looking for a Mini 500 to purchase, saw the gas station video on you tube, are you building another Mini 500?
    - Khải Minh đạo hữu! Lão phu không tiếc đắc tội với Vô Phong Cốc, đoạt

    lấy lệnh bài tư cách chiến trường vực ngoại, chính là vì thuật thiên

    toán của ngươi. Nếu ngươi có thể giúp ta tìm được người nọ thì tất cả
    công ty dịch vụ kế toán dịch vụ báo cáo tài chính cuối năm trung tâm kế toán tại đà nẵng trung tâm kế toán dịch vụ báo cáo thuế trung tâm kế toán tại thủ đức

    mọi yêu cầu, chỉ cần Đằng Hóa Nguyên ta có thể làm được, tuyệt đối sẽ

    không từ chối.

    Lão tu sĩ trầm mặc một chút, thở dài rồi nói:

    Is there any chance you would sell me the tail only....

    Just to remind you of me I am the guy who bought the prop and extra stuff u had left over from the 582 engine purchase you made.

    Would love to to have another original pc from the mini. Love the cyclic grip u sold me!!

    Hornet Flyer II
    I don't totally understand all the details, and I am not an expert, but to put it simply...
    If the gyro :
    1) Has an airworthiness certificate and valid N-Number
    2) Meets all the physical requirements to be an LSA

    And if the seller is the rightful owner...
    You could buy it and fly it as a Light Sport.
    Hi Bryan
    I was looking at a two place gyro . It is a raf 2000 that was converted to look like a Sparrow hawk. He had the plate read like the sparrow making it not sport pilot usable.
    Can't it be reregisterd to sport pilot weight ? It was on the sight but now it's on barnstormer. Sorry for bothering you but I still can't figure out how to post.
    I got your private message. when you post on any of the open forums, everyone can see it. Are you talking about how to post photos?

    my posts to #84 are, as I am well aware, heavily listing to the theory side and the latest one is an attempt to alter this a tiny bit. Since I have no flying time whatsoever I was not sure whether this was really helpful, but you as an experienced pilot are in a position to asses the value of this master thesis to the community and your positive judgement will encourage me to keep my eyes open for more stuff like this.

    Thanks for your valuable feed back,


    the blades are a 3 piece blade a 6061-t6 leading edge with 6061-t6 skins they are pop riveted to the main spar and the trailing edge uses regular aircraft buck rivets.
    8 inch chord not sure the exact length I know they are the same length as the mini 500 blades since that is what he was going to put them on. straight blades no twist. they are the same construction style as the rotorway and helicycle uses. the blades were all dry fit but never assembled so they still need to be glued and riveted together. the blades rotor head that I have listed were purchased from another experimenter that was going to build his own design helicopter
    he origionally bought the extrusions from me to build the blades then lost interest do I bought up the head and blades along with a bunch of misc. helicopter parts.
    $1000.00 for the head $800.00 for the unassembled blades ??????????

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