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  • Brock,
    I just picked up that you may be near Boise. If so, please contact me at freeidaho at yahoo dot com. I'm interested in the gyro activity near Boise.

    Thank you,

    I noticed from an old post that you had modified your suspension on the SH with airbags. I was curious how they were working out and if you recommend them could you start me in a direction to look for the bag you used?
    I don't have a J-2 now (sold it to New Zealand), so the cables aren't an issue for me at the moment. I enjoy the J-2 and could perhaps do transition training your own machine, but I can't provide one to train you in these days.
    Sorry - don't know any current sources. If I hear of anything, I'll be sure to let you know promptly. The value is hard to say -- there aren't many out there, but there isn't much demand, either. Be sure anything you consider is yellow-tagged with a good log record for the hours on them (there's a life limit of 1200 hours, as I recall).
    That would be Daybreak (How appropo) by may also enjoy Nth degree and Buzzin by the same artist if your into Dubstep. Thanks for asking.
    The prop was a wooden made by a kiwi fella in Duniedun.. It is no more.... It turned into matchsticks when I groundrolled! But ... while it spun... it did the business ok!
    It is located at the Spanish Fork Airport in Utah. We are selling it because that is what we do. We will get another one if we sell this one! We have built and sold SparrowHawks for 4 or 5 years now. We have some bigger pictures on our website at:
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