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  • Hi Brent, Wayne McCall here, I know you are busy but I am just checking, I bought some raffle tickets back on May 30 but have not seen an email from you with the tickets. Please let me know that they are still to be issued. I am a PRA member also.
    Brent, the FAA published new hangar rules and regulations this year and sent them to airports across the country , you might find a copy on line by starting at The copy I read said if a hangar was available but no aviation customer come alone then the controlling agency could rent it to a non aviation customer but if an aviation customer pop’s up the non-aviation customer must vacate the hangar in a specific time frame. What concerns me is you mentioned they are asking you to stop training. You need to get your hands on the newly FAA published regs.
    The only suggestion I can make is this: With Ernie recently selling the blade production portion of his business, it probably wouldn’t take much to buy the rest of the business. I sense that his design is not exactly what you might be looking for, but:
    1. it’s a well designed, great flying machine
    2. It has an admirable safety record
    3. It can fill a much needed niche in the current market by selling to a large part of our community that just can’t handle the price of the new generation of machines. There are still a lot of people who do not want to “go somewhere” in their gyro but just want to enjoy the thrill and joy of surfing in the air. Even something like an updated Gyrobee could fill this purpose. Lots of people can benefit from an inexpensive, forgiving “starter” machine.
    4. Many of us here have felt for a long time that with some design flexibility (willingness to accept suggested improvements) better people skills, and a little better quality control, Ernie’s business could have kept up and even thrived.
    5. I don’t know anyone who talks badly about the way their Dominator flies.

    It’s too bad that Dave Seace is already working for Silverlight. He knows the machines better than almost anyone. Since he has come up with most of the improvements and has even had new stronger landing gear produced locally, he undoubtedly would be the greatest asset to this kind of venture.

    Dave might work for Silverlight, but as we speak he is building himself another dominator for his own enjoyment .

    Thanks for your contributions to the gyro world and I truly wish you all the best in your new adventure.

    - Rick Martin
    How's it going??? I ordered that engine it should be here next friday or so. Any thought on an exhuast? I am open to all ideas starting from scratch! If you were building a new one like your single seat what would you like to have on it?
    Tim Oconner has a second tank. It's a fuel cell he straps to the rear seat in his Twinstarr. He flies from Cincinnati to Mentone with it. I think it;s about 2-1/2 hours for him.

    Why do you need two hours of fuel?
    Thanks Brent, I am sure I will have a thousand questions once I get it home and start putting time on it. I will have to add a reserve fuel tank(s) so I can stay up a least 2 hours. Any suggestions?
    Brent, I hope to pick up my first Twinstarr next week. I have about 2 hours with Gary Goldsberry in one. I just wondered if you had any advice for me. Thanks, Grover.
    Not sure yet. I"ll let you know. I installed new brakes last week. Id like to go flying some afternoon around here. dịch vụ thành lập công ty trọn gói tư vấn luật dịch vụ kế toán giá rẻ trung tâm kế toán ã. Mặc dù không nói ra, nhưng thái độ của hắn đã biểu lộ tâm tư trong lòng.
    Bàng Thống cũng là người ngông nghênh, làm sao có thể chịu được sự lạnh nhạt đó, vì thế liền xin từ chức quan mà Lưu Biểu ban cho.
    Trở lại sơn trang Thủy Kính, Bàng Thống rầu rĩ không vui.
    Gã xuất thân danh môn, từ nhỏ theo thúc phụ học tập, sau khi ra nhập sơn trang Thủy Kính, tự nhận tài học không tầm thường.
    Đâu ngờ, chỉ vì bộ dạng xấu xí của mình mà thường bị người khác nhạo báng... Nghe nói Hoàng Thừa Ngạn muốn đi Hứa Đô, Bàng Thống liền suy nghĩ. Gã đã sớm nghe tới cái tên Tào Bằng, đáng tiếc không có duyên k
    Brent my cell is 251-236-0817. I would love to have a few minutes of your time to talk about the Twinstarr. Thanks,Grover
    Yes it's very easy. I'm sure you can do it.Just take the prop off and the thing mounts right up. All of the wires off the Kabota is what is needed for the new one. Just remember to buy a 70a inline circuit breaker and a 5a inline circuit breaker. They do not come with the kit.
    Was the conversion simple? I looked the instructions and wasn't sure I could do it correctly. Thanks, Grover
    Grover, Its kinda funny that you bring this up about the alternator. I had a 19amp Kabota on on mine. My electronics would flash low voltage every time I used the strobes and landing light. So last year I changed all of my lights to LED. The power dropped from 38amps halogen draw to 4.6amps with LED's which worked great. But, the LED's put a weird buzz on the intercom and radio. So last weekend I put a Plane Power 70a alternator on mine. No more buzz.
    The Kabota will have to many volts with no load at high RPM. At idle it will not put out enough volts to charge the battery. It has no type of voltage control that is regulated enough for electronics. The Plane power only puts out 12.5 volts max. Which is very good on the radios and transponder. So far I only have 3 hours on the new alternator and I really like it. The Plane Power I feel is a good move. I purchased the one for a Piper with a 0320 in it.
    Brent, I have an alternator off a Kabota tractor and it does not put out enough amps. I am looking at the kit offered by Plane Power for a 70 amp alternator. Any suggestions? I intend to fly night missions with the Sheriffs Office so I want plenty of power. By the way I love this gyro, I have flown the Sparrowhawk, the MTO, the Magni M16, and the Calidus and they do not compare.
    Grover, My rudders have not been modified. I have the short ones. Gary tells me I need to get them extended to train students. But, The runway I use is 100' wide. If for some reason I have a crosswind over 10mph, I simply land into the headwind. So I personally do not see a need for the extensions. On landing in a power out, I make sure I descend at 70+ mph, this will give you plenty of speed for a flare close to the ground. I also have my rudders connected to my pedals. This makes it easy to control on the ground. But, when coming down in a small crosswind with the rudders turned, you must straighten the rudders out just before touchdown or risk a sharp turn and rolling. I've never seen Larry's tanks, but I know he makes and uses nice stuff. You should be getting about two hours per tank, If your not leaning it out, maybe a little over an hour will be all.
    Thanks Brent. I am hearing comments about the rudders but Gary added about 8" to them. Have you ever had any issues? Folks tell me to be careful at low speed without a rudder in the prop blast. I wondered about power off landings. I found the same 5 gal aux tanks that Larry Neal uses on the Aurora Butterfly. They seem well made but mounting may be an issue. Thanks, Grover.
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