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    Ok it's off topic but I thought what the heck, I am sure there are a few guys that will enjoy this link. If you happen to go to the USA side of the auction site there are a few helicopters for sale. But here is an aircraft that doesn't come up for sale too often...
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    Eurocopter AS365 N3- N79MD Auction Ends: 11/2/15 9:19 PM ET Remaining: 12 Days 7 Hrs This item is subject to an auto extension of the auction end time. Refresh Bid & Time Reserve Not Met Starting Bid: $275,000.00 Bid Increment: $1,000.00 Minimum Bid...
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    1980 Bell 212 for sale

    Here is the link guys and gals.... Auction sale......
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    5 Eurocopters for sale on Auction site

    Current bid isAuction Ends: 4/6/15 7:00 PM ET Remaining: 46 Days 13 Hrs This item is subject to an auto extension of the auction end time. Refresh Bid & Time Tax: 6.0000% Starting Bid: $3,750,000.00 Bid Increment: $1,000.00 Minimum Bid: $3,750,000.00
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    5 Eurocopters for sale on Auction site

    Hey just had a look at these Eurocopters the bidding is not bad pricing if you have the money, remember it's for 5 Eurocopters, one the flies for sure, the other 4 might be just parts. 5 (Five) Eurocopter AS365 N3/N2/N1 Helicopters Lot of 5 (five) Eurocopter AS365 N3/N2/N1 Helicopters: N82MD...
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    2001 MD Model 369E for sale Lots of pictures too many to even try to post here, check it out nice site for Government auctions
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    Dynali Helicopters.....

    Just noticed this and wanted to share it. Avenue Thomas Edison, 101 1402 Thines BELGIUM +32 (0) 67 55 29 98 +32 (0) 67 84 05 31
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    Old friends become best friends...

    I thought the EA-81 had a different head on it like the picture of that of the one the Deadeye Jack has posted here...?
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    Just some old pics

    Well a few more old pictures
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    my gyro arrived today

    Nice looking machine
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    Old Gyro's and something...

    Here are some pictures I have found and they are nice machines no doubt, and then there is this other thing,...something I am not sure, but I wouldn't try it...
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    Tool Shop for community use

    Ok it's a nice idea but maybe a little high in price, but then of course all the tools are on the high part, and if broken at least they will get paid for in the long run, the overhead, the insurance etc... well maybe after looking at it all, and have you sign a waiver that states they are not...
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    A neat machine;

    I wonder how many times it has broken off, and speaking of such I wonder when it will do just that, lots of movement on that tail...scary...
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    KB2 for sale in Vernon BC Canada

    Very interesting Steve, thank you for your help, so maybe 200.00 looks like a better price, not 2000.00
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    KB2 for sale in Vernon BC Canada

    Hi guys and girl here is another gyrocopter for sale in Vernon BC, I thought I was going to buy it, but he is too far away and my funds are to short for this venture. If your interested in this machine it might be a good project for someone. The fellow's name is Terry Gifford, his home number is...