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  • G,day again,
    I've just looked up Tobermorey and we might be able to go home that way after dropping in at Birdys. Do you have PULP there?
    We were going to go home down south through the Flinders Ranges but you have just given us an alternative way of getting across the desert.
    G,day Bones,
    I'll check out where you are and see if we can drop in and annoy you for an hour or so. It will have to be on the way up, our route takes us from Cloncurry to Cammoweal, Barkly homestead and then on to Tennant Creek. Thanks for the offer.
    Cheers. Rick Elliott
    No sorry dude i was gone and and i be gone again soon too, just leave a msg if you want to ask something.
    yeah thats nearly good enough to get out of bed for...

    shame theres a h2s well needs some attention tomoro and ill work half as hard and get twice as much... but its the only work for a couple of weeks i supose...
    hey bungy is brian davey and i think you have been to his house years ago. also give poss a ring he would have it and clints. i hardly use my email as i have over 7000 unread and i probably need a new adresse

    i got the raff up today, kinda strange haveing a short tail for the first time but she goes good.... lucky i diddn't pay you to come all this way huh, he he

    i hope you sort out this gyro stuff
    no worries but i think this is gettin a bit funkie,... i would love to get ontoo asra my self but yahoo isn't good enough for an id on the forum
    Yeah but once i read your msg i cant find them again, hey if your talking bungy as him to drop me an email if he knows of any jobs going.
    send me an email too so i got a contact for you, the lic shouldnt be a problem.
    [email protected]
    i just got an offer of a job 550 per day for 10 on 4 off rooster, frig not much time off.
    it all looks good from here boss.

    hows the pretending going!!! fink is not a spectator sport, you should be flying up and down the track filming the tryhards and making money....
    big day tomoro, had to replace the front engine mount rubbers as they melted when i ran it up the other day??? like the rubber had perished or something, also one has a close relationship with the oil filter and the other the rad hose. but some conveyor belt and a bit of peterbuilt mud flap and she's all good. nearly got the snowbourd on today so there will be no exuses not to take her up tomoro, fingers crossed it all goes good.

    whats the chances of an aussie licence when i come through in august???
    yeah well i need to do something, i got a couple of options at the moment, sort of, but i will get serious about it only got 2 more weeks now, got to be home for Peg's bday at the end of the month, dont think i am coming back after now, friggin got to sit on my ass for 4 days cause finke race is on this week end and be ****ed if anyone can chase cows when we could be at finke pretending we are someone we are not.....yep im over it
    oh well, you should talk to bungy and get in 7 on 7 of down in the real money, if you were on the same roster you could travel together or theres a great strip and clint has a hanger at dysart.

    hey ill swap you a raf for the mongrel, delivery not included...
    yeah still am at the moment trying to get a mine job again there is just no work here this year, i am slowly going ****ing broke
    bought it, runs good, gonna throw a stab on and go for a squirt as soon as i can get the time

    are you still in nt?
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