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  • Hi Bob
    Have you completed your CFI level? If yes, it would interest me to fly with you. I flew with Jim Nadig two years ago. I have just got my Gyro licence on DTA Gyro and Magni but I own a RAF. Can you help? I'm in Quebec city and can drive to your facility.
    Hi there.
    No I am not in a gyro yet. Planning to go to Bensen days this year. That should help me plan thins better. The tanking loonie is going to make it more expensive though. Do you have your instructor rating yet?
    Well do hurry up on the instructor rating. If anything we need more instructors in this sport in Canada!!
    Take care
    Hello Bob
    I searched for members in Canada and came across your name. I am a total noon (not juust with gyros but with any mechanical skills) but am very interested. Would love to know what you are up to and how you plan to pursue being involved with gyros.
    Take care
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