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    Rotax 582 Carb Heat

    ROTAX DUAL CARB HEATER KIT 582 BLUE from California Power systems Gong to fit today but no instructions has anyone got photos or instructions how to fit
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    Local icon goes home

    No Title Erni`s creation
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    Rotax blue top 582

    I`m having problems with my rotax blue top 582 It sometimes misfires have checked all the obvious Plugs, carbs fuel lines it exactly like carb icing but it`s not have re balanced the carbs but at 3200 engine misfires and vibrates on mountings clears when upping revs at 5100 and holding a...
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    Liability waiver

    Hi I have a similar problem I own my own field a few weeks ago an aircraft was left un attended with engine still running the aircraft ran into a stationary vehicle causing damage to both aircraft and vehicle none were mine the field is not licensed but is marked on the maps I do not have any...
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    Advice wanted about a disclaimer and is it a legal document I have a private airfield and a number of other aircraft owners have free use of my hanger and field. Today one of the owners started up and left his aircraft unattended with the engine running the handbrake came undone and the...
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    Rotax crankcase fretting

    Fretting explanation Fretting explanation Crankcase fretting? What is that and how do you know you have it. You probably don't. How do you know if you have it and what are the issues. The easy way to tell is after you shut your engine down go try and turn the prop. If it turns over like it...
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    Rotax crankcase fretting

    I was wondering if any one has had a problem with crankcase fretting on the rotax and if so are rotax liable for the cost of a replacement crankcases ?
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    Show me your Bensen or Bensen copy's

    Here is mine VW engine
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    Spreading of Mom & Dad ashes

    What a wonderful tribute to your parents, I am sure they are looking down and proud of their achievements .
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    Good old days

    came across a load of poplar rotorcraft Flying mags dating from 1968 onwards what fantastic reading .the adverts are fantastic wish I could go back in time have posted some on the albums
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    Thanks Jeff for the info
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    I`m in the process of stripping down my Rotax 914 turbo but I can’t get hold of a proper full strip down manual showing all the relevant torque settings and tolerances Any help would much be appreciated
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    Need some help selecting a propeller

    Here is an online prop pitch calculator supplied by Culver. Might be useful to someone on here.
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    Montgomerie-bensen b8mr - g-bvjf

    Never built Never built This machine was never built bought as a kit it had the short mast and required a lot of up grades
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    Measuring Angles

    What is the best device to measure the angles off the torque beam and rotor head