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  • Looked you up in the phone book --- busy/disconnected message! Hi anyway! headed south today. Maybe Jim will be in the area next month!???? Hope your moo-muster went well!
    Weather. How's it goin out there? All ok I hope. The people in Christchurch have a bit of a problem. Another quake down there has finished off the job the last one started back in September.
    Have fun, but fly safe
    Hi there Birdy, how is the WX treating you out there in the Red center? all ok I hope. Take care there mate.
    Birdy! I have not got on your case for a while for flying like a wild man.... Been busy myself in Civil Air Patrol. Topped 400 PIC hours last week. Still flying 172's as a Mission Pilot and some 182 glass birds in training.

    My son Tom (20) is at Purdue University now in his third semester to become a commercial pilot. He is on the forum now as WingsatPurdue as of today. I think he is surfing what his old man writes.

    Cold winter here. More snow that we have seen in two decades. Global warming confirmed... We are looking forward to longer days and warmer wx.

    Jim Byrd
    Newport News VA
    Whys sure Birdy! they are the large manila Envelopes....you know the ones with stings attached.:D
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