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    gyrocopter service ceiling

    Nothing to it really.... Nothing to it really.... Flown into Leadville with a gyro on a number of occasions. Usually through Weston Pass, once through Mosquito Pass. The key is power. You need to have an engine that will at least turbo normalize to the highest point that you will have...
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    Australian accident just reported...

    Gyrocopter crash on NSW south coast Updated: 12:45, Sunday March 16, 2014 A gyrocopter has crashed in a paddock on the NSW south coast. Police are yet to confirm if anyone has died in the crash on Greenwell Point Road at Brundee near Nowra. Police, paramedics and NSW Fire and Rescue are on...
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    Can you use a variable pitch prop on an experimental gyroplane

    Another suggestion.... Another suggestion.... Airmaster from New Zealand. I was fortunate to purchase one when the NZ dollar was weak against the USD. Planning to buy another for a Dom rebuild project. Best engineering I have seen in a long while. I have Warp Drive props, others are now...
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    Viking Engine Now Available With Turbo

    Mark's new engine... Mark's new engine... I think that I finally found an engine Mark will be happy with. Just gotta make a bit more space for his gyro in the hangar.
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    Would you fly from this runway ?

    Wrong question.... Wrong question.... The question is not whether you would fly from this airport, but instead COULD you fly at this airport. 9400 feet agl. Few gyro's have the push to even fly at this altitude, much less slow down and land. I've flown in and out of Leadville a few...
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    Early Xenon COG

    Vertical COG Vertical COG I think that I still have the measurements taken from one of the original 10 Xenon's first imported into the US. I'll have to dig them up. But I do remember that the thrust line was 7 inches higher than the VCOG.
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    15 years

    Me thinks.... Me thinks.... the salient issue is that you are still "calling". Glad to see you doing well. Seems a long time ago.
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    Customer support from AAT; safety, build quality and handling of Zen1?

    I ordered a set of blades from AAT... I ordered a set of blades from AAT... a year or so ago. The shipping issues and costs were a nightmare, UPS ended up being the best option. But on arrival I found that the blades were packed very poorly, using scrap pieces of carpet padding. Someone...
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    Queensland Crash...

    Birdy, don't forget... Birdy, don't forget... the old rallying cry... "Dyslexics Untie!" or "In Dog We Trust!" Any news locally on the pilot?
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    Queensland Crash...

    No details. From ABC news. Pilot critically injured in gyrocopter crash Posted Sat Jun 29, 2013 9:36am AEST Map data ©2013 GBRMPA, Google - Terms of Use Map MAP: Dakenba 4715 A 30-year-old man is clinging to life in a central Queensland hospital after a gyrocopter crash near Biloela late...
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    Another crash...

    Reported elsewhere.
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    Time CHANGE !

    Okay! Okay! Everybody stand back! Okay! Okay! Everybody stand back! I can handle this! Steve, I want you to calm down... Just listen to my voice. Now I want you to picture a clock face. You can see it in your mind. You can see Mickey Mouse, and his hands are stretched out.... His big...
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    Brake problems

    Uh, I had to.... Uh, I had to.... Wore my shoes out. The Flintstone theme song kept echo'ing through my head.
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    Brake problems

    I had a similar problem... I had a similar problem... Combining the standard brake calipers with Matco master cylinders when I switched to differential braking. The DOT 3/4 ate up the Matco seals. The only dual compatible fluid is DOT 5. Flush with methanol, replace the seals, and be...
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    Nice Feature On Zip Ties

    Metal Tie Wraps... Metal Tie Wraps... are great. No UV degradation, don't become brittle. Only problem, at least theoretically, is the need to pad any wires. Have used them exclusively for three years or so. I particularly like the stainless variety, the black polyester coated stainless...