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  • Wish you and your family a very happy new year.

    May the year bring peace,prosperity, health and happiness.

    Best Regards.
    Just got your message... don't check the message file very often. Doing okay, working, trying not to kill my teenage boys. SLOWLY building a new gyro, making a few mods, just finished upgrading a fuel injected Rotax 914. Where are you now? The last I heard you were a nomad. How's Boo? Haven't heard much about your lead sled, but I've seen a couple of pictures with you flying... a, dare I say it, Dominator??!!! Nah, must have been a fig newton of my imagination. I tried to email you a while back but must have had a bad address. Guess you have to keep a step ahead of those bounty hunters.... See ya. Bill
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