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  • I would be interested if you find out source for drawing.. I went different route I installed the folding mast from sportcoppter
    with the urethane bushings..

    thanks craig
    how old is the air command and motor? how many hours on the 582, new or rebuilt?
    I’m at Lansing an just lost the motor on my two place. Grounded for awhile.
    94 mother has about 60 hours it set for about 10 years in hanger after death of owner we replaced all rubber fuel lines tires carb gasket fuel pump gaskets anything rubber it Flys great
    My name is Brad Hawley, I live in Grass Valley California. I have just completed a little wing 5 and I am having electrical pre rotation circuit breaker problems.

    I see this post you made on the rotary Wing forum in 2013.

    I am currently running from positive terminal on the battery through a 300 amp circuit breaker to a heavy duty solenoid. The other side of solenoid is heavy duty line up the Mast to the starter. Then ground Line runs from starter down the mast to the battery.

    The solenoid is on two switches, run in series, on the panel.

    Even though I cycle the secondary switch for the solenoid the amperage draw has such a high Spike I am popping the 300 amp circuit breaker.

    I see a soft start diagram on the rotary Wing Forum, it looks like that individual ran a completely separate medium voltage line from the starter down into the cab through a switch and then to the solenoid and across the solenoid terminals he has a resistor wire.

    I really don't want to run a whole new hotline down the Mast and put another switch someplace in the cab and penetrate the firewall with another medium duty wire. Is there another option?
    OK - thanks Larry, not sure what ad you are referring to though.

    Billy and Bobby did talk to me about Dave's Benson though - they said if it wasn't sold they would give me a call. I never heard from them so I just assume it was sold?

    You also said it is not centerline thrust - It looked great and if I purchased it I would simply have to store it until I got the required training. I really want to go to Mentone, but may not be able to stay there long.

    I miss it already - lol!

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