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    Tail boom issues

    That's some scary shit right there! And you think that was from ground handling and not vibration? I know your going to keep an eye on that, but not that you wont be handling it the same if you develop craks again be sure to let every know as well! Thank you for finding those, I enjoyed my time...
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    a breath of fact in a forest of dellusion.

    I think you might have missed my subtle jibe....Everyone Dies why not eat what you like, just quit sniveling about it when your time is up....
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    a breath of fact in a forest of dellusion.

    "Vaccine or not, live healthy is what I say. Eat right and exercise well. Meanwhile, folks will keep dying from many causes, not necessarily COVID related." I Agree Anthom! People ARE going to keep dying.....
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    Happy Worlds Pilot Day!

    Now every 4th year is EOD who are Pilots day....
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    Happy Worlds Pilot Day!

    It is National EOD day as well....
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    Any Vortex owners near East TN?

    Here's mine, I would say I am closer to the Far East though...
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    Can an RV level be used as a Slip Indicator?

    hmm...somehow this is copying posts I have no idea how or why. I have never used a yaw string. I have flown in in rigs that had them but can't say I have ever bothered to look at them when flying. To hear that you guys are putting such huge amounts of faith and importance in them somewhat...
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    Can an RV level be used as a Slip Indicator?

    shoot I remember way back when I learned how to fly from watching "Tales of the Gold Monkey" and he used a hookers lipstick and a half bottle of rum as an artificial horizon for flight in to IMC! Seeing as how you really only need an airspeed indicator (hall works fine) and EGTs for two strokes...
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    Little Wing Wanted

    Talk to Kevin Richey
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    SOLD - SPORT COPTER VORTEX (series 2) KIT for sale

    I would be happier to lose weight, but the natives cook really good food!
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    SOLD - SPORT COPTER VORTEX (series 2) KIT for sale

    This is true, If I ever gain so much weight I can't take off with the 582, I will look at the Yamaha 80hp engine. seems a good fit for what we have.
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    Back in the saddle!

    Thats a deal Bob! But it may be a very long time before I come back stateside.... as soon as all these covid travel restrictions go away, Kat and I have some serious travelling to do over on this side. We had been going like gangbusters for a while, Taipei,Bangkok Tokyo and New Zealnds South...
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    First jump takeoff in France

    Wow Fara, really? And how I wonder would you have described it had it been an AR 1 invention? Kevin is completely correct, the ability to get off rough terrain for the take off area is in itself an awesome step forward and if its mechanically simple and retro fittable to other makes and models...
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    Back Country Gyro Ops. Equipment, mods, techniques.

    Pete this is a pertinent topic for me as I may soon be using a paved road as a runway. it is 625 feet long and slopes down hill somewhat aggressively, One other thing is the winds usually are coming from uphill to down hill! Some people I trust suggested trying it first taking off up hill into...
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    Ultralight Gyroplane Limitations

    "Don’t descend too low in big quarries as can be hard to fly out. :)" Ain't that the truth! had to do quite a few scenic spirals to get the hell out of a copper mine near Tucson once! AS for the feel of a gyro, Vance, I'm gonna take a big pass on that statement. I have flown a Bensen and a...