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    President trump

    For gods sake Hillberg, your going to catch hell for saying this from Loftus for sure!!!
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    New PAL-V gyroplane Fly/Drive youtube video

    I have a pair of Moller Sky Cars you can buy right now! They fly awesome tetherd, I hear they are changing the design to electric next month, so my gas burners are obsolete. They come with a fractional ownership Certificate for so.e Beachfront property in the foothills of Yuma, as well as a...
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    Starting a new build.

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    Starting a new build.

    I dunno bro, it looks kind of boxy and heavy?
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    President trump

    Soo let me get this straight, with the economic shut downs of the Covid Situation (I won't refer to it how I really feel about it lest I be called stupid again on this cheery forum) congress took all of what 4 days or so to re-impeach ( pyrrhic victory anyone?) the president a week and a half...
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    President trump

    Jbird, who are you to judge his sense of reality? If thats how he sees things then thats how he sees them.
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    Diving Tangent.....

    Well I was there in the mid to late 80s. Im sure much of the worlds reefs have gone to shit. Give me a helmet, some pipe flanges to work on and murky visibility and I will be far more interested in the dive then swimming around looking at pretty fishes. Not to say I don't enjoy all the colors...
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    Rotorcraft vs Paramotors (and Pop Culture)

    After damaging my gyro on a new years day I got training and switched to paramotors. I was enthralled by the quick set up and tear down, and the mobility. The flying experience never ever compared to the gyro and now that I live in Guam where 15 to 20 mph winds are the norm, I have gone back to...
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    Sportcopter Accessories

    They have got some swag that says Sportcopter, but youd need to call and talk to Trenna if you are looking for something specific.
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    President trump

    Also, here's a quote from the article you used "Attorney General William Barr on Dec. 1 told the Associated Press that “to date, we have not seen fraud on a scale that could have affected a different outcome in the election.” See the lawyer speak there? he didn't say there wasn't fraud, he said...
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    President trump

    Well if you start with the total number of US citizens from the census as your base number of POSSIBLE registered voters, and that number is reported on the US Census page as (don't quote me) 335 million people, and you know not every single LEGAL US citizen will register and vote, but you...
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    President trump

    Um...pardon me for saying this Wasp, but if you are trying to prove fraudulent votes were dumped into the system, counting all the ballots total number isn't a sound method. Only legitimate, reproducible ballots count. Just like for a science experiment, the results obtained need to be...
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    He was doing 105 mph.