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  • Gday Ben,
    Thanx for your help
    My old harry, SS S&W with the 7" odd barrel has served well for 30 years.
    I dont want to get anythn new coz usen this is like pointn a fingure.
    Just lately its been missfireing, which is thrown me aim off badly, not to mention the camels are larfn at me.

    At average, itll only fire 4 out of the 6.
    The missfires can happen in any chamber.
    The missfired primers have barely a dint, while the spent pimers have a healthy dent.
    For sum reason, on any chamber, the pin barely impacts the primer, occasionally.

    Its cleaner than its ever been, dry or oiled makes no difference and the hammer spring is wound up to full tension, to no avail.

    Iv had an " expert" go over it and he made no damn differece ( but still charged me for his " services".)

    Simply, sumthns preventing the hammer striking proper every time.

    Hope you can help. :)
    Don't know how old you are, but TSA is desperately searching for people to fill positions around the country as "Explosive Inspectors" to basically sit on a chair like the maytag repairman at an airport till they need you. I'm not sure of the specifics but it is a GS position.
    I am a contractor, but I would give all this up in a hart beet to go back home to Texas. Work for homeland security do something just get back home.

    BOLC III and CLC III ammo course, ASA/ATHP operations and construction. We also teach emergency destruction and disposal. We teach explosive operations concerning SEMTEX, SIMEX, Chelmpak, C4, B2, MDI, RDH and so on.

    Dan I do not know the person you listed.
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